Saturday, February 18, 2023

Warning labels on beer and wine

This is kind of a non issue but I just want to comment on it because it relates to the governments position on harmful drug promotion. Recently I was asked to participate in a random nanos survey about putting warning labels on beer and wine like cigarettes. It was done on behalf of the Canadian government. You know how cigarettes have these hue warnings on them about the harmful effects of smoking? They keep getting larger and more dramatic. Warning cigarettes cause cancer. Warning cigarettes will make you impotent. Warning cigarettes will kill you.

I always thought it was strange how they would make such a big deal about the harmful effects of smoking then turn around and promote drug abuse. How can crack, heroin and crystal meth be safe when cigarettes are harmful? How can smoking pot be safe when smoking cigarettes is not? Pot smoke is unfiltered and is even more cancerous than cigarette smoke.

Then you get young kids claim pot is good for you it's an herb. Pot cures cancer. Pot does not cure cancer. Chemo cures cancer. Pot eases the side effects of chemo. Pot didn't cure Bob Marley or my brother. My brother died of throat cancer. Smoking anything is bad for you. Near the end he had to switch to edibles. Yet the government keeps pushing the extremes.

Apparently they claim that alcohol causes cancer. I did not know that. I guess everything does. Nevertheless, I don't want to see those kind of warning labels on a nice bottle of wine. When you spend all that money on a really nice bottle of wine, you don't want to see those graphic images. Everyone knows drinking alcohol in excess is bad for you. Everyone knows giving alcoholics alcohol is a bad idea. Everyone knows smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Putting those dramatic warnings on cigarettes, beer and wine while you promote harmful drugs is complete hypocrisy.

The top picture looks like meth mouth. If you brush your teeth I don't think cigarettes will do that but crystal meth sure will. Why don't they put big posters like that up in their lethal injection sites saying Warning crystal meth will give you meth mouth. Warning crack and crystal meth are bad for you. Warning crack and crystal meth will kill you. Why don't they do that instead? That would be part of the four pillars and fall under harm prevention. Crack is a poison we should oppose.

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