Friday, February 10, 2023

Guns, Cars and Cocaine in Ontario

The York Regional Police have been pretty busy. City News is reporting that "York Regional Police say they’ve recovered and repatriated 64 stolen vehicles valued at $3.5 million that were found in shipping containers in Europe destined for overseas sale."

"Project Majestic began in early 2021 and culminated with dozens of stolen vehicles being found in shipping containers in the Republic of Malta. Investigators say the vehicles were set to be sold illegally in Africa and Arab Emirates. The York police Auto Cargo Theft Unit says it collaborated with several other police and border agencies to identify a criminal syndicate responsible for stealing high-end vehicles, including Lexus, Toyota and Honda sport utility vehicles, from residential driveways across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).”

Well done. A coworker mentioned he saw a documentary a while ago about stolen cars from the GTA being sold somewhere in Africa. That's pretty organized crime and would require someone to have control over the ports. Kinda like someone we know. Nobody likes car thieves.
CP 24 is reporting that "York Regional Police (YRP) have arrested two Richmond Hill residents and seized almost $9 million worth of cocaine following a drug trafficking investigation dubbed Project Aries. The investigation began in September after police learned of two suspects believed to be in possession of large quantities of cocaine."

"In January, search warrants were executed at a Vaughan storage locker and at a residence in Richmond Hill, where the two suspects were arrested. Officers seized $8.9 million worth of cocaine, $260,000 in cash and $100,000 in luxury clothing." $100,000 in luxury clothing?!

"YRP released a video of the seized items on Thursday, showing dozens of bags of cocaine and stacks of $50 and $100 bills." I wish they'd just say how many kilos seized instead of dollar amount. It was a lot of cocaine judging from the pictures.
City News is reporting that "Police in York Region arrested two people and seized a stockpile of firearms, explosives, and other weapons, after a gun went off in a Markham apartment earlier this week. Officers responded to an apartment building in the area of Elgin Mills Road and Woodbine Avenue around 10:50 a.m. on Wednesday. Investigators say residents heard a loud bang and called police. The responding officers were able to determine that a bullet had been fired into two neighboring units from an apartment on an upper floor."

That's almost funny. Sounds like an accidental discharge. Never load one into the chamber until you're ready to fire. As a result, they lost all of their guns. Just use snap caps inside. It's a lot safer. "Investigators executed a search warrant at that same unit and seized more than 40 firearms, a large amount of ammos, explosives, a crossbow, and brass knuckles. Kevin Lee, 43, of Markham, and Ophelia Cheung, 39, of Markham, are facing multiple weapons charges."

Crossbow, that's not for gang violence. That's just a novelty. Same with the brass knuckles. That's something a hillbilly buys to go with his nunchucks. They had quite a few very old rifles and quite a few modern ones. However, I want to address the misrepresentation of the explosives. I get it. Journalists don't know anything about guns. The headline reads "Weapons, explosives seized from Markham apartment after gun fired into neighboring units."

They make it sound like they intentionally fired at a unit and were ready to blow sh*t up. Yet if you look at the picture that wasn't the case at all. If you look at the picture they were exploding rifle targets. They weren't bombs to throw at people.

I have to admit I had to look on YouTube to see what they were because I've never used them. I usually shoot indoors. You use these when you are target shooting from very long range outdoors. From that distance you can't see the grouping on your target. So ya just shoot one of these and when it explodes, you know you hit the target. They're pretty safe when used properly.

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