Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Ron DeSantis and George Soros

This needs to be said because some false information is being circulated. George Soros did not endorse Ron DeSantis. That is a bold faced lie. This isn't coming from the fake fact checkers who would lie and say he didn't when he did. This is coming from me. Someone who does support Donald Trump. George Soros is a villain like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. He is Lex Luther. Ron DeSantis is not. Ron DeSantis is a superhero. He is superman. His policies in Florida have led the way out of the pandemic and into economic prosperity. He has walked the walk.

In my previous post someone made a comment claiming that George Soros endorsed Ron DeSantis and immediately I said no way. Ron DeSantis supports law and order. George Soros does not. George Soros funded the ANTIFA riots. If you haven't noticed, I like to question things. I put statements to the test of believability. I ask does this statement make sense? Is it consistent with the known facts? Is it believable? This is how fact checking is supposed to begin.

So lets look at what George Soros really said. The Daily Mail reported that "Billionaire liberal donor George Soros said Thursday he believes 2024 could turn into a 'Democratic landslide' if Ron DeSantis wins the presidential nomination and Donald Trump runs as a third-party candidate." That is what George Soros said. He didn't say he supported Ron DeSantis.

He said I think this infighting is great. He said he hopes Ron DeSantis wins the Republican nomination and Donald Trump runs as a third party candidate because that would split the vote and let the Democrats get in again. That's what he said and he is freaking right. If Ron DeSantis won the Republican nomination, Donald Trump probably would rung as a third party candidate because he's an ego maniac. That would indeed split the vote and let the Democrats win.

I've addressed this in part before. The fake news was desperately trying to create drama between Trump and DeSantis to split the vote and I said there is no beef. They're on the same team. If DeSantis wants to run for the Republican nomination that is his right. I would personally prefer that he wait because each superhero can only serve two terms in office.

If Trump serves his second term then DeSantos serves two terms after that.That way we get three terms instead of two. If Trump lost the Republican nomination and still ran as a third party candidate, that would be a very selfish thing to do. DeSantis might see this as his golden opportunity because Florida has such a shining track record right now.

Right now Trump is also a superhero. He's Batman. He has withstood an incredible a mount of opposition from the fake news and corrupt CIA / FBI playing politics. The Trump cult doesn't realize how bad the CIA really is. Yet even though Trump is a good guy, he can be turned like anyone else. When we see Trump and Kari Lake repeating false statements about DeSantis, that becomes a concern. We need to debate policies. What policies of DeSantis do you disagree with? Let's talk about that instead of parroting lies. DeSantis is not a Globalist like George Bush.

Don't ya hate it now that the Communist Party of China has taken over Disney? All of a sudden the superheroes are becoming tainted and are starting to fight with each other. When that movie came out about Superman and Batman fighting each other I overhead a conversation between two middle aged men at work arguing about who would win in a fight - Batman or Superman. My response was I can't believe two grown men are arguing about this. It's fiction. Unfortunately the new rivalry between Trump and DeSantis is not and the fake news is loving every minute of it.

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