Friday, February 24, 2023

Christine Anderson's visit to Canada

Christine Anderson, the famous anti lockdown MEP from Germany who denounced Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy came to Canada for a visit and was warmly welcomed. The Fake News is losing their sh*t and Pierre Poilievre is distancing himself from her claiming that some of her views are racist and hateful. OK let's calm down and look at this rationally because the fake news is using this to continue their misrepresentation of the entire freedom movement.

Christine Anderson supported the Convoy. So did I. So did Pierre Poilievre. All three of us share that common belief. Christine Anderson denounced Justin Trudeau's hypocrisy. So did I. So did Pierre Poilievre. That is another belief the three of us all share. There's nothing racist or hateful about that. The gallery in Eurpoe was full which means many MEPs walked out during Justin Trudeau's speech. However, Christine Anderson is also very anti immigration. I am not. She is also very anti Islam. I am not. Justin Trudeau pretends to oppose Islamophobia. He does not. He's a liar. He supports the Muslim genocide in Communist China.

I still submit that in our struggle for freedom against the WEF and Globalism, Muslims are our allies. They have seen where the road to Communism leads in China and they reject it. If we are Constitutionalists who support a free republic, then we support the freedom of religion. Adapting a single state religion is just as bad as abolishing all religion. In fact, it is a road to that end. First you abolish all religions but one, then you abolish that one religion and Mission Accomplished. The free republic has been destroyed.

Although Christine Anderson and I share many core values, there are some positions that we do not agree on. Maxime Bernier would agree with her about immigration. Someone needs to explain to Maxime Bernier that he's an immigrant. He's French. The French and the English are both immigrants to North America. So am I even though I was born here. Even though my parents were born here. Even though my mother's father's father was born here. I'm still an immigrant. I support the inscription on the statue of liberty. That statue was donated by France. The Fench Revolution was founded upon the principles of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Je me souviens.

However, Maxime Bernie has a lot of other opinions that are right on the money and he deserves to be heard as does Christine Anderson. I can totally understand how Ireland wants to remain Irish and France wants to remain French. Yet here in North America, we're all immigrants and the left does not support Islam. They hate all religion including Buddhism and Islam. Buyer Beware.

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