Monday, March 13, 2023

The recent collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank

OK there's some really shady sh*t going on and we need to discuss it. The Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on Friday due to rising interest rates. WTF? That's a lie. Banks benefit from rising interest rates. There's a huge scam going on here and we all know who's behind it.

History repeats itself until we learn from it. The CIA crashed the BCCI and the Nugan Hand bank in Australia through arms dealing and money laundering from their drug trafficking. Remember when those banks crashed in Texas back in the /80's? That was the CIA and the Bush family.

Former US Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin stated that Jeb Bush taught him to commit investment fraud as a way of raising money for operations. The CIA would default on bank loans with the promise that the bank would get a bailout. That was part of Iran Contra. The Bangkok Bank of Commerce failed in /97 because Rakesh Saxena ripped it off.
We saw what happened to Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX. The crypto fraud that the CIA used to raise money for Joe Biden's mid terms. Well now the Globe and Mail is reporting that "Signature Bank becomes next casualty of banking turmoil after Silicon Valley Bank." That was tied to crypto. The crash of FTX was a fundraiser tied to CIA fraud so they could get a monopoly on crypto.


  1. NY Post has a great article about the bank

    1. Thank you for the link! This is a literal example of 'Go Woke, Go Broke!'.

      I was surprised to see the Home Depot exec speak out because Home Depot is pretty woke; at least in Canuckistan...


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