Wednesday, March 29, 2023

OPP officer found guilty of sexual assault

The National Post is reporting that "Jason Redmond, a constable with the Ontario Provincial Police in Leeds County, was found guilty of sexual assault in a Brockville courtroom last month for having sexual intercourse with a woman while she was unconscious. A judge found Redmond also made a video of the assault on his phone to prove the victim had a drinking problem, and to teach her a lesson about how irresponsible she was when consuming alcohol.'

“'He made the video to show that anybody could rape her,' Ontario Court Justice Janet O’Brien read in her ruling last month, recalling the testimony of one Crown witness. Redmond, who has been on paid leave from the provincial police service since 2015 after being involved in a local drug trafficking operation, was charged with sexual assault in 2021."

"On the day in question, the victim had been drinking alcohol, the court heard, while both she and Redmond did cocaine many times throughout the day, as well. Redmond, who started working with the OPP in the mid-2000s, was involved in another high-profile case after being convicted of drug trafficking in 2015 stemming from his involvement with Project Arrowtown."

Things that make ya go WTF?


  1. "I raped you to show you how easy it would be for anyone to do it because of your drinking problem". - A (former) member

    Wow. I mean, is it something in the (drinking) water or what.....

  2. Talk about being down with OPP.

    1. Am I a bad person for laughing at that......

  3. Yeah - WTF and RYFKM!
    How is this dirt bag still collecting a paycheque?

  4. Wait, "paid leave since 2015"? Seven years??

    You know, when you consider that this guy made it through the hiring process, it makes you wonder not only about the ones they decided to take a pass on, but how many others with various personality deficiencies got hired. I get that they need a certain number of bodies, but....

    How long before 2015 was he hired? I'm thinking he has been on paid leave longer than he was on the streets.


  5. How the fuck was this asshole on paid leave for drug trafficking 🥴🥴🥴 what a fuckin joke


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