Thursday, March 2, 2023

Langley company gets license to produce cocaine

The Aldergrove Star is reporting that "A Langley-based cannabis company’s announcement that it has received federal government permission to produce up to 250 grams of cocaine caused a political furor in B.C. on Thursday, but the company won’t be selling it to the public. A press release issued Feb. 22 said that last year, Adastra Holdings received an amendment to its Controlled Drug and Substance Dealer’s Licence that allowed it to “interact with” up to 250 grams of cocaine, and to import coca leaves to manufacture and synthesize cocaine.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "B.C. Premier David Eby said he’s astonished that the federal Health Department gave the green light to a Langley cannabis company to produce, sell, and distribute cocaine." Give an inch take a mile. That is Satanic. Decriminalizing possession of small amounts is not a licence to import and produce. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. Justin Trudeau and the World Economic Forum are taking us down the Highway to Hell.

We can put provincial laws in place to over rule it just like Alberta is doing with the gun grab. Oh wait, there already are. We just have to enforce them. Justin Trudeau has lost his mind.


  1. The suggestion that Trudeau even possessed a “mind” is in itself, ludicrous. When these bleeding heart advocates for drug users are asked, “while we’re at it, why don’t you supply “safe” alcohol for the alcoholics?” NO ONE ever responds. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with SHAME and STIGMA it is a very viable option to impose upon those who not only fail to contribute to society but maybe, just maybe the “shame” and “stigma” may help them with getting clean. STOP the madness!

  2. They never see it coming. Amazing.

  3. Ah no worries about legalization, it's "medicinal coke", can only get it with a note from your Doctor.....

    1. Evidently not and how could you possibly get a note from your doctor : )


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