Sunday, April 2, 2023

Charter violations in the Chris Barber trial

Police on Guard posted an interview with their chairman, Clay Farnsworth discussing the Charter violations in the Chris Barber trial. The interview begins at 7:40 in the video. This video reinstills the fact that the mainstream media vilify and demonize good people who support civil liberty and oppose the WEF's agenda to remove civil liberty. As Rob Smith pointed out they punish anyone for questioning them. Criminals claim all police officers are bad. That is not true. Most criminals are bad. That's why they're criminals. Danny Bulford is a hero and a role model. So is everyone over at Police on Guard. They belief in law enforcement and recognize the Charter of Rights is the highest law they have sworn an oath to uphold. They do great work. Important work.

They also started a series called Demonstrably Unjustified. The first episode contains an interview with Chris Barber and Keith Wilson. The CIA wants to convince us that all Hells Angels are criminals and all police officers are bad. Why is that? Because the CIA wants to destroy civil liberty and the Constitution that protects it. Remember lying is the CIA's MO. They lie about their method and their motive. They lie about everything. CSIS is a shadow club for the CIA.

The CIA have a significant amount of influence over the fake news. The fake news promote what they tell them to promote. The Chris Barber trial is another example of how the media will punish and vilify anyone who questions the WEF and dares to stand in their way.

The Oath Keepers in the United States are a noble group of law enforcement officers and military personnel who believe in keeping their oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Keeping that oath is a good thing. Breaking that oath is not.

Yet the media continues to vilify them and portray them as extremists for simply supporting the same oath all Americans make. Every American pledges allegiance to the flag and the free republic that flag represents. That free republic is defined by and protected by the Constitution. To destroy the free republic they have to first destroy the Constitution. That is why they vilify the Oath Keepers who believe in defending it. The Oath Keepers state that if they are given an order that violates the Constitution which they are sworn to uphold, then that is an illeal order and they will not obey it. That's not controversial. That's noble.

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  1. The problem is billionaires, like Soros, and their puppets like JT.


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