Sunday, April 16, 2023

Follow the Stars. Truth will guide us through.

I remixed my Finian's Inferno web site. I've been doing a bit of house cleaning while I recover from surgery and have been condensing websites. I took a page from Rebel News and started redirecting domain names to subfolders on my site to save money on web storage. Today I've been reflecting on light and darkness. The light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed. The light of truth. Stars shine in the darkness so they do and the stars lead us home. Just follow the light.

Truth leads to light, lies lead to darkness. Darkness leads to misery, light leads to peace. We're free to go wherever we want in life. What we will find on the path we choose is obvious.
Speaking of being lost in the darkness, I just had a rather bizarre experience. I'm bored to tears so I go for a walk in the rain. This guy comes up to me and asks me where he can buy some drugs. He says he's at a bad place right now. It's his first day in Canada and he needs a little help to get him through. I roll my eyes and say AYFKM? Do I look like a drug dealer?

He tells me his story and I ask him what kind of drug. Heroin he says. I'm like Heroin?! That is nasty. I tell him he can get a prescription for methadone. That's supposed to help you get off the heroin. I ask him if he has family here and he tells me he's staying with his brother. Says he has some bad friends where he's from and his family is trying to get him away from the bad influence. He admits he has family that cares for him. Says his mind is willing but his body is weak.

I feel ya. It's not my place to judge. I've never done hard drugs but I realize it's really hard to get clean. Harmful drugs are very addictive. That's why they call them harmful. Think about it this way, what if your friend, your brother or your kid was trying to get off drugs. What would you tell them? Sometimes when we lose faith we don't care about what happens to us but when we look outside the box it can be easier to care about someone else.

I remember when I was with the Guardian Angels and we started to bring the team back to Surrey Central. One of the crack dealers admitted that he used to be an addict. That's how he got hooked on selling. I just looked at him and said what do you think about BC Bud? He smiles and says he loves it. Then I say don't you think you'd be doing society a far better service if you were selling BC Bud instead of crack?

I don't smoke weed but I support using weed like methadone to help people get off the more harmful drugs. I have a friend whose son struggles with addiction. He's in and out of rehab and it's really hard on her. He knows he has someone that cares about him. The mind is willing but the body is weak. All I can say is that if you are struggling with addition and want to get clean then change your circle of friends because they are not your friends.

I realize I'm no expert because I've never done hard drugs but I have seen a lot of lives ruined with drugs. I saw that misery and that was good enough for me. I knew I didn't want to go down that road so I didn't. I realize it's really hard to get off that road once you're on it. That's why it's far easier not to start. Yet when you're lost in the darkness, follow the light. The light will lead us to safety. The lies will not. The lies will lead us to misery but the light will lead us to peace. Word.

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