Sunday, December 25, 2022

A Meager Christmas

Today I want to talk about a Meager Christmas. Many people are struggling this year as inflation and the cost of housing continue to erode our prosperity. None of us can forget poor Tiny Tim Cratchit from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It's a heartwarming tale that inspires us to give. Yet what if we were to become Tiny Tim and assume that role? How would our perception of the story change? Would we be as positive and hopeful as that stalwart wee lad?

As I've gotten older I've become somewhat more cynical about the hypocrisy of Christmas. The Christmas rage that is consistently displayed defeats the purpose. Sometimes simple is better. It reminds me of a humble birth in a stable with a manger. That meager Christmas was indeed glorious. It had profound meaning. Something noticeably lacking in our plastic world of greed.

Recently I made a post about the rising tide of Atheism and how that relates to the New World Order's ultimate quest to destroy civil liberty under the guise of progress. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. For me, evolution is neither pragmatic nor scientific but that's just me. I tend to shun crowds and their tide of fads or public popularity. I take solace in solemn reflection.

Personally I don't think the world has lost it's moral compass. I think the world's moral compass is broken. It's pointing in the wrong direction. Depopulation is nothing new but the world's obsession with medically assisted suicide is and it shows how far we've fallen.

Back in the day if someone was suicidal we had crisis lines they could call to try and talk them out of it. Everyone has bad days. If someone saw a jumper on the bridge no one would say jump ya loser, here let me help you. That would have been considered immoral.

I fully realize that if an animal is in a lot of pain and is clearly going to die, we put it out of it's misery. I get it but extending medically assisted suicide to those who are not terminally ill crosses the line just like the normalization of pedophilia. Extending medically assisted suicide to children and the mentally ill is straight up evil. That brings us back to the world's broken moral compass.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Indeed it is. Fake news is a con.

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  1. This assisted suicide thing goes far beyond the terminally ill, it has more in common with the Nazi's getting rid of those who they felt were unworthy or unable to contribute to their "vision" of society. Anything to reach that target of saving the earth by cutting the population in half is more like it. Who's the PM? And whose teachings does he follow? Today they try to expand the number of people who volun-teer for it, talking them into it, making it "cool" like a bunch of their other poisonous idea's, some day folks will be volun-told. The cycle is always the same, if one can see that.


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