Saturday, December 10, 2022

Surrey Shooting - Update

Update: Woman’s killing in Coquitlam linked to suicide during traffic stop in Surrey

They be bustn caps in my crib again. Police are on scene at the intersection of 152nd street and 100th Avenue and are rerouting traffic in all directions. That's a pretty busy intervention. I didn't hear any shots and I didn't speak with anyone who heard shots but people said witnesses claimed it was a shooting. IIO is on scene which would imply it was a police involved shooting.

Someone said someone said they saw a body bag but I didn't. Just some clothes on the road beside the car. Both ambulances have already left the scene. There is a tent set up beside a vehicle and that tent usually means something.
Update: CTV is reporting that "Police reported to the IIO that they had attempted to stop a suspect, who shot himself as officers were approaching his vehicle, an IIO spokesperson said. She added that the man was not expected to survive his injuries." That's pretty f*cked up.

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  1. Shot himself as officers approached. 100% believable, sight unseen


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