Friday, December 23, 2022

Vancouver Bridges closed due to Freezing Rain

Update: As forecasted, it has warmed up in Metro Vancouver and is raining. The freezing rain is gone. The Port Mann bridge remains closed as a precautionary measure. "The estimated time of reopening is approximately between 11 AM and 1 PM" Dec 24th. After that it is smoothing sailing.

Next Update: #BCHwy1 #PortMannBridge Crews are currently dealing with heavy flooding. Eastbound through-lanes expected to re-open at 2:30pm, followed by Westbound through lanes, but no with no estimated time for WB opening yet.

3:00 PM Christmas Eve: #BCHwy1 the eastbound through lanes on the #PortMannBridge are now open. Crews are working on the westbound lanes and then the ramps.

Vancouver airport fully operational Saturday after hundreds of cancellations due to Friday's storm

Well that was a sh*t show. I'm glad this week is over. The commute has been a mess. Tonight it's freezing rain. Like I said, snow is fine but I'm uncomfortable with ice. Ice on snow or snow on ice is very dangerous for riding a motorcycle and if you drive like a maniac, it's dangerous in a car too. You have to drive for the conditions. The Port Mann Bridge and the Alex Fraser Bridge have been closed. That means getting home from Vancouver is gonna suck.

The bright side is that tomorrow it warms up and the next five days will be warm and rainy so the bullsh*t travel advisory is fake. Tonight it's real but if we bunker down and make it through the night tomorrow the roads will be fine and there will be no need to cancel Christmas.
The fake news is ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, someone posted a link to a video of Theresa Tam that looked like a skit on Saturday Night Live. It was ridiculous. Theresa Tam and Bonnie Henry are clowns. They should have fired those two and kept Deena Hinshaw. Henry and Tam were way worse than Hinshaw. They still are. Those two are completely out of touch with reality.

The problem with the bridges is falling ice. When the temperature hovers around zero, ice builds up on the bridge cables. When it warms up slightly the ice falls. We have seen this before and they said they fixed it. Evidently they haven't. They were supposed to have installed heating coils on the cables to melt the ice. Instead of promoting another manufactured emergency, fix the flaw.


  1. Our tax dollars put to good use again. These workmanship or faulty products issues seem to happen often to our government. We all know their track record on responsible spending right? I’m sure Trudeau will lose sleep over falling ice as he vacations in Jamaica flying on the government private jet.

    1. It's rather amusing to note that the old Pattullo bridge still works in winter.

  2. This design of bridge is like the California condo ....not meant for our climate.

    Cookie cutter approach to award big money contracts to the same players isn't always best.


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