Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Climate Change Protesters: The March of Evil

CBC is reporting that "Protesters marched through Montreal's downtown core on Wednesday, as the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, also known as COP15, officially began at the Palais de Congrès. A small group of protesters walked down Saint-Jacques Street near the conference centre early Wednesday morning, carrying a banner that read 'Bloquons la COP15' (block COP15)." Notice the raised fists.

"The group, a coalition of anti-capitalist and ecological activists, said recent agreements to protect the environment are little more than lip-service and don't address the issues of biodiversity and climate change. Several carried black flags and some wore face coverings."

They're all waving black flags, wearing black and covering their faces. They're clearly anarchists who don't give a f*ck about the environment and the way the fake news is misrepresenting them is an abomination. CBC says they are anti Capitalists. What does that really mean? It means they are straight up Communists hiding under black flags and the guise of Anarchism so they can create order amidst the chaos they create. Their order - Communism.

Communist China are the biggest polluters on the planet. Industrial coal is the largest source of CO2 pollution that exists and China is the biggest offender. When Justin Trudeau said the dictatorship of China has allowed them to go green the fastest, he lied. They are not green.

The protesters look like an army of Orcs from Lord of the Rings. Yet the fake news is giving them a stage because it supports their agenda. Climate change is not an excuse to implement Communism. Compare that with the convoy protesters in Ottawa Justin Trudeau denounced. They were families with children, nurses, police officers, upstanding citizens waving Canadian flags. Yet the fake news vilified them while they lift up Anarchists and Communists. This is why the public hates the fake news. They have no one to blame but themselves.
Natural Gas is good for the environment. Industrial coal is not. Twinning the Nord Stream pipeline would solve Europe's manufactured energy crisis and greatly reduce CO2 emissions for all that industrial coal. Later on in the broadcast they showed a picture of Zelensky on the cover of time Magazine claiming he is Man of the Year. That is obscene.

Zelensky does give a f*ck about his people starving and freezing without food or power. He has food and power. He appeared alongside Sam Bankman-Fried at a seminar in New York. He doesn't care about the people in the Ukraine without food or power because he has an agenda and the US is paying him billions of dollars to refuse to negotiate with Russia. Money that was laundered through FTX back to the Democrats and the CIA. God damn you all.

Zelensky lied about the Ukrainian missile that landed in Poland. He straight up lied. He lied about the Ukrainian missile that killed all those Ukrainian prisoners and he lied about shelling the nuclear reactor in the Donbas after Russia liberated them from him bombing campaign after they objected to the coup. Man of the year, Zelensky is fraudster of the year.


  1. If anything the 101st airborne should put an end to zelenzky not Russia for taking advantage of the good will of the American tax payer and selling the donated arms they have been receiving and laundering the money back through FTX to commit treason on the very citizens that blindly support him. Ya fuck the cia and Mossad.

  2. "CO2 pollution" is not a real thing. Carbon dioxide is plant food. There's a natural Earth balance between CO2 and O2 in the atmosphere and oceans.

    Burning coal may produce pollution if smokestack filters are inadequate – including carbon particulates that block sunlight and can cause respiratory problems. That's why clean-burning hydrocarbons are preferable, that leave minimal toxic by-products. CO2 is demonized by the Davos gangsters because they seek to starve humanity of hydrocarbon energy and trigger further mass genocides like Operation Covid so they can take more resources for themselves.

    1. Nor is Nitrogen fertilizer a threat either. The amazing lies they other news, neither a procedure mask nor a N95 mask protect against the Chinese Bioweapon known as Covid. Multiple "control measures" deployed against the population.

  3. Carry on. Nothing to see here.


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