Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Kelly Powell aka John E Bravo of Suats’ faction of Rock Machine in Regina Saskatchewan

OK let's back up the bus a bit. The Rock Machine MC in Quebec were famous and were hard core. In fact they were notorious although the fake news grossly over use that term. They waged war with the red and white and they blew sh*t up. However, that group was disbanded when Mom Boucher went to prison and all the leaders of the RM crossed over to become leaders in the Hells Angels. That would imply that the rumors about Mom Boucher using the Rock Machine's death squad to murder political rivals within the Hells Angels had merit. Mom Boucher's Ontario kid was Walter Stadnick, the tiny 5' 4" invasive weasel.

After the Rock Machine was disbanded, Sean Brown and a group of aspiring motorcyclists tweaked the logo and brought it back to life. The new kids kicked Sean Brown out because they wanted to turn in into a gang not a MC. The group started to expand into the US, Australia and Scandinavia. It was kind of scuttled with infighting and a guy named Suat Erköse was selling patches online claiming to be the world president. Not.

Now we have a guy named Kelly Powell who was kicked out of the Outlaws for ratting on his brothers join Stuat's faction of the Rock Machine in Saskatchewan. It's kind of a dog's breakfast. I said that to a young girl at work the other day and she says to me is that a saying? I was like, yeah, that's a saying for old people.

Anyways, this Kelly Powell also went by the name John E Bravo. Ya get a lot of people talking sh*t. He's fake, she's fake for f*ck sakes you're all fake. This is why the Hells Angels have no rivals in BC. People who ride here see the HAs as the real deal. They see the others as wannabes or trouble makers and they don't have time for either.

Mongols in LA are big. Outlaws in the US are real. Rock Machine in Winnipeg were real but have been disbanded. The Sons of Anarchy was a really stupid TV show. The world is full of wannabes and trouble makers. I don't have time for either. If you want to do something worthwhile do something for your kids. Life is not all about strippers and blow. At some point in time you're going to have to grow up and set an example for your kids. It's about time you start. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step so it does. Take a step in the right direction.


  1. There's a Rock Machine faction in Sask? Thought they were all R&W and associated puppet clubs since they patched over the Rebels MC (and then kicked out all but one guy after they voted in favor, LOL, "suckers") years ago?

    1. So they claim. They were busted last summer:

    2. Kelly Powell is a goof. Known him since about 2008. He used to be a pretty big coke dealer, had a dodge viper and everything. In 2010 he ratted out his suppliers Chris Stettner, and Trevor Deitz. They got 7 years in the pen, and he went on ratting people out. He never seen a day in jail! Then in 2013/14, next thing you know, he’s this “outlaw mc biker” and went around doing high risk violent crime. Every time he got arrested he’d be out, and shortly after some drug busts would happen, and he’d be running the streets again. In 2017, he was charged with lighting the Regina HA tattoo parlour on fire. It’s in the news and al over google for fucks sake, and the HAMC did nothing.. They just let him get away with that?

      In 2018-19 (ish) Kelly goes on wish and orders Rock Machine patches and starts up another MC. I don’t know why anyone would want him in their gang. The dudes a snitch (never paperwork on him, he isn’t dumb enough to put his name on a written statement) if you ask Chris Stettner or Trevor Deitz, they’ll confirm that the police arrested them with information that only the 3 of them knew, and in no way would the police obtain that info otherwise, and only Trevor and Stettner get lengthy prison sentences… Don’t take much to figure out..

  2. So they target the rivals of the HA - have we seen that before ...


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