Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack

CTV is reporting that "Homicide investigators have identified the victim of a fatal shooting that took place in Chilliwack Tuesday night. The Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said in a statement Wednesday that 34-year-old Chilliwack resident Michael D’Lerma was killed in the incident. D'Lerma was known to police. About an hour after the shooting, a SUV was found on fire near the Tzeachten Sports Field, a ten minute drive from the first crime scene."


  1. It seems that at this point it would be a shocker if someone known to police was assassinated and there WASN'T a vehicle on fire somewhere nearby.....

  2. Wet or burnt crime scenes render most investigations evidenceless.

    REMEMBER that.

  3. You would think with our governments Orwellian survaliance state with cameras at every street corner they would easily get footage of the perp entering or exiting the car.


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