Saturday, December 17, 2022

WHF on crypto deaths and digital currency

Three Crypto Billionaires Die Under Mysterious Circumstances Over the Past Month

Crypto moguls Taran, Kullander, Mushegian die in four weeks

Did the CIA Just Kill a Major Crypto Developer? "Much of the suspicion around Mushegian’s death comes from an incredibly strange Tweet that the crypto developer posted before he died. "In August, Mushegian criticised the CIA for being probably the cheapest [people] money can buy. Then, even more suspiciously on September 5, he predicted that the number one most likely cause of death for himself would be being suicided by the CIA”.
Tiantian Kullander, co-founder of cryptocurrency Amber Group, dies at 30
Russian Crypto Billionaire Vyacheslav Taran Dies In Helicopter Crash


  1. Interesting timing on the release of files on jfks assasination and the links to the cia. Who was head of the cia then. Bush Sr funeral envelopes.

    1. Barry Seal's handler, Allen Dulles. The author of Operation Northwoods:

    2. Except those files have virtually nothing in them. Blank sheets of paper, unreadable pages, and NO NEW INFORMATION. Tucker Carlson asked "someone who would know" if the CIA was involved in JFK's death and was told "Yes". He invited Mike Pompeo, a former CIA Director to be on the show the last two days, Pompeo declined. Pompeo has been on that show many times before.

  2. It's called a hostile takeover.

  3. NIxon was set up by the CIA as well, the burglary team and their handler Howard Hunt were all CIA.

  4. There are a number of people who were involved in FTX who have gone totally missing, as well. Given that they may end up with warrants, that might make sense - but they've just totally ghosted


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