Saturday, December 10, 2022

First Nations leaders unanimously vote against Ottawa’s gun control legislation

Update: NDP MPs oppose Justin Trudeau's last minute amendment to Bill C-21

The Counter Signal is reporting that "After some NDP MPs joined the Official Opposition to condemn a Liberal amendment to ban semi-automatic shotguns and rifles used by hunters and farmers, Conservative MP Dane Lloyd said it’s about time.” Pride cometh before the fall.

Even Global News is admitting that "Chiefs at the Assembly of First Nations have voted to publicly reject the Liberal government’s proposed gun-control legislation. An amendment to Bill C-21, which is currently being debated by members of Parliament, aims to create an evergreen definition for assault-style weapons and enshrine it in law, allowing the government to ban hundreds of models of firearms." Including hunting rifles. Like I said, he can't ban hunting.

"Some First Nations leaders say they’re concerned to see rifles used for hunting on the list and voted today to take a stand against the bill, which they say infringes on their treaty rights. The chiefs carried the emergency resolution with unanimous support at a special assembly. Their vote comes as Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are set to address the gathering in Ottawa later Thursday." Their bounds are set.


  1. Nice to see some push back. I emailed every Liberal, NDP and Green MP to let them know how I feel. One MP staffer responded by telling me that gun owners have asked for this proposed legislation for years! They really are clueless.

  2. Don't kid yourself, it's not "clueless", they know full well that no gun owners ever asked for this. It would be like someone on the gallows asking the hangman to spring the trap. Their stock in trade these days is just lies and more lies, because Canadians have previously proven we will accept that and no consequences for them doing it. We are going to have to replace our default setting of "polite" with "impolite/confrontational". Otherwise there will be more of this.

  3. Happy to see so much opposition to Prime Minister Blackface's weapon ban.

  4. The Canadian Natives have already been genocided once ... i know many of them are not stupid enough to get genocided a second time by the likes of that a-hole globalist Klaus Schwab and his band of puppets like Trudope.

  5. Its about time, NDP MPs gained some balls and stopped supporting Jagmeet Singh.


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