Friday, December 30, 2022

EU project sees Police Scotland rebrand paedophiles as 'Minor-Attracted People'

The Sscottish Daily Express is reporting that "A controversial move to label paedophiles as "Minor-Attracted People" in a top-level report has been defended by Police Scotland, with the force suggesting the EU was to blame. Chief Constable Iain Livingstone's annual year end report refers to child abusers as Minor-Attracted People (MAPs).

The move comes amid wider concerns by campaigners over what they see as attempts to rebrand paedophilia as a harmless sexual preference. A spokesman for the force stressed that MAPs is not a term they routinely use to describe child abusers and said that its use in the report had to be understood in context. He explained that the reference to MAPs was in relation to the force's engagement with the European Union's Horizon Europe Project – Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation." The EU's project supports the promotion not prevention of pedophilia.


  1. How do we say facepalm in Gaelic.....

  2. Yeah, it's all about "context".

  3. OMG! I’m speechless! Absolutely disgusting is all I got.

  4. This is absolutely disgusting. How is this even being allowed to step out of the shame these pigs should be forced to endure. This sick fucks need to put down not promoted. What a lost world we're living in now.


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