Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The rise and fall of Justin Trudeau and his inflation

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with an old friend about Justin Trudeau's runway inflation. He went on an insightful rant claiming that he saw it coming. He said I told people if Justin Trudeau gets two terms his reckless spending will force him to keep printing money and inflation will skyrocket just like it did under his father. He said back in the /80's his parents were paying 24% mortgage rates. I remember that time well but I didn't clue in that it was under Justin Trudeau's father. I liked Pierre Elliott Trudeau. He gave us the Charter of Rights.

The Charter of Rights is an important document. I realize it was a bit of a compromise in response to the Conservatives Bill of Rights, but the bottom line is that it protected civil liberty by law. I realize that Pierre Elliott Trudeau was bad with money but I failed to connect the dots between his deficits and the runaway inflation which forced interest rates to rise. Now when you see the same thing happen under his son, we can clearly see the pattern.

Other than the reckless spending, Justin Trudeau is not a man like unto his father. He opposes civil liberty. That's why I call him Commodus. Globalism plagues the left and the right. Globalists on the right are enemies of civil liberty just like the globalists on the left. Just like Justin Trudeau.

However, it's not just interest rates that are rising. Everything is. That forces interest rates to rise to offset the runaway inflation. The price of groceries is skyrocketing. That's partially due to the increased transportation costs from the obscene gas fraud. It is another manufactured emergency which is part of the WEF's quest to turn consumers into slaves.
We were all very disappointed in the fraudulent public inquiry into the misuse of the Emergencies Act in Ottawa. We saw the evidence but came to a very different conclusion than Justin Trudeau's hand picked kangaroo court did. Police on Guard have launched a series called Demonstrably Unjustified about Justin Trudeau's misuse of the emergencies act. Five Times August wrote a powerful song about it.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association have launched a court challenge to the misuse of the act. So has the Government of Alberta. However, as the Free North Declaration declares, the courts have been failing to uphold the Charter of Rights. Partisan judges are failing to uphold the law. Police on Guard is reporting that "The absurdity continues as Const. Michael Brisco has been found guilty of discreditable conduct for his one-time $50 donation to the Freedom Convoy, over a year ago." That is insane.

Not only was the Public Inquiry into the misuse of the emergency act a partisan farce, it's recommendation was treason. The fake inquiry stated that the government's misuse of the emergencies act calls for more illegal surveillance of citizens on the Internet. That is obscene. They failed to uphold the law and their recommendation calls for the government to break the law.

Justin Trudeau's attack on our physical freedom is tied to his attack on our financial freedom. Thomas Mulcair supported a balanced budget and so do I. Bill Morneau opposed Justin Trudeau's reckless spending and so do I. I support civil liberty and fiscal responsibility.

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