Monday, April 24, 2023

Society of Canadians studying Medicine Abroad VS The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons

I stopped by the Vancouver courthouse today for Larry Amero's sentencing and checked in on another high profile case about lockdowns. It involves the Society of Canadians studying Medicine Abroad VS The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbian. Drea mentioned that trial was starting this week. I think she's covering it.

There were a lot of freedom fighters attending the trial. I'm not going to hold my breath. The reason the Free North Declaration was formed is because a coalition of lawyers recognize and object to the fact that the courts have not been upholding the charter. The Canadian Charter of Rights is the highest law of the land. The Supreme Court are the guardians of the charter. If any level of government make a law that violates the Charter of Rights, that law is illegal and the courts have the jurisdiction and responsibility to uphold the law and strike that legislation down.

The Free North Declaration was framed because the court has not been fulfilling it's mandate to uphold the charter. If the supreme court fails to fulfill it's mandate to uphold the charter, they are not only complacent in lawlessness but they are also culpable aiding and abetting criminal acts. The law has made them guardians of the Dominion so to speak. If they fail to do their job and uphold the law then they are indeed like salt that has lost it's flavor - good for nothing.

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  1. BC employer standards are too high, compared to the rest of Canada. IMHO. NDP & BC Libs only care about their pension.


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