Friday, April 28, 2023

BC NDP strongly recommends Surrey continues transition

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "The B.C. government has strongly recommended the City of Surrey continue its transition to a municipal police force and has offered to discuss financial support to protect Surrey taxpayers."

Hey guys, you might want to audit the last civic election in Surrey. Electronic voting can be audited right? I'm mean it would be pretty foolish to create a system that can be hacked without creating a mechanism to audit the results and validate it's authenticity in case it was ever hacked.

I guess if they defiantly reject the government's strong recommendation the government can simply create a provincial police force like Ontario. Surrey is the largest City in the country without it's own police force. Understanding why they want to prevent Surrey from progressing explains why it's so important to do so.

Oficial Statement from Wake Up Surrey which is a huge grass roots movement in Surrey.

"We appreciate the provincial government's commitment to supporting the transition with financial resources. Some people have created a false narrative that the transition will be a financial burden, but we firmly believe that the benefits of the transition far outweigh any costs."

"We urge Mayor Brenda Locke to support the provincial government's recommendations and continue the transition to the Surrey Police Service (SPS) with a new approach that seeks to reconcile differences among residents."

"We understand that there have been some divisive issues in the past, but it is essential to move forward together and work towards a safer and more united community. We appreciate the support of all residents who have joined us in advocating for improved policing in Surrey, and we remain committed to working towards a safer and better future for all. Thank you."


for Wake Up Surrey

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