Sunday, April 9, 2023

The Ukraine set up and Putin's betrayal of his own army

Let's balance the extremes in the misrepresentation of the conflict in the Ukraine because this setup and betrayal was well planned. Jimmy Dore reported on how Angela Merkel and François Hollande's Ukraine peace plan called the Minsk agreement was simply a diversion to buy them more time to arm the Ukraine for the inevitable war they provoked. They both admitted it.

The agreement was meant to solve the problem of the Donbas region. Nazis were bombing them and Russia objected. After Merkel admitted it a couple of comedians called Vovan and Lexus pranked former French president François Hollande who was part of the Minsk agreement. They called Holande up pretending to be Petro Poroshenko, the former president of the Ukraine.

In that conversation Hollande confirmed that the Minsk agreement was just a stall tactic and how together they were able to remove Viktor Yanukovych in a coup. Yet the mainstream media refuses to cover it. It is clear that the conflict in the Ukraine was planned and provoked.

Notwithstanding that fact, True North just ran an op about the Nordstream pipeline misrepresenting Russia's presence in the Ukraine protecting the residents of the Russian speaking Donbas. The Nordstream pipeline was a good thing. Getting Germany off industrial coal is in everyone's best interest. In steps Xi Jinping.

Putin poses holding hands with Xi Jinping announcing a new currency and a new partnership. Xi Jinping was the villain that orchestrated the whole thing in the first place. Putin's partnership with Xi Jinping is a complete betrayal of his own troops. However the betrayal of his own troops was also planned from the beginning. This is exactly how they stole Poland's liberty.

First they sent in the Nazi's to opress them. Then they sent in the Communists to liberate them from the Nazis. That's when their slavery became complete. Take a look at this picture of some Russian troops protecting the Donbas. They are flying the old Imperial flag that was popular before the Russian revolution. That flag bore the face of Christ.
After the Communist revolution in Russia they took the face of Christ off the flag and replaced it with a picture of Lenin. Then they changed the motto to Onward to Victory. This is just like how Fidel Castro used and betrayed the Christians in Cuba.

In the book Fidel on Religion, Castro was asked if the Christian Marxists assisted him in his revolution. He downplayed it and said we didn't ask people what religion they were. So yes they did. However, as soon as he got power he betrayed them by forming a Marxist Leninist Atheist state. You could still have your religion but you couldn't be a member of the Communist party if you did and they only allowed one party on the ballot. That meant you could never hold office.

Xi Jinping and the World Economic Forum oppose all religion and all morals. Xi Jinping and the WEF are one in the same. Putin's partnership with Xi Jinping is indeed prophetic. At this stage the Western alliance is not without corruption. They have been tricked into supporting Xi Jinping's plan. No matter what happens, we need to protect civil liberty by law and defend the Constitution not politicians because politicians betray the Constitution for their own personal gain. That's why the Americans pledge allegiance to an ideal not a person.

François Hollande is a Socialist. He played a key role in Xi Jinping's plot to enslave the Ukraine.

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