Saturday, April 8, 2023

Easter, Passover and Ramadan: Confronting Evil Together

Here's a timely message from Alan Brough the Executive Director of the Canada Health Alliance.

Happy Easter everyone! And I should also say Chag Pesach Sameach to our Jewish members for Passover which has just been celebrated, and of course Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim members who are in the middle of their month of fasting.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all acknowledge and worship the same God. Sure, we all have different rituals and nuances to our beliefs, but it is time that we stopped fixating on the weakness of our denominational differences and instead started focusing on the strength of our commonalities.

The truth of the matter is that right now we all need to stand together against the anti-God agenda of the globalists and the dark forces gathered against us. These forces don't care which religion or denomination we are from, they are against ALL religions and denominations. Therefore we too should not care which religion and denomination we are from, and instead, unite as believers in God (whatever that may be for us personally) and stand on the side of love, light, and compassion in opposition to darkness and despair and the anti-human agenda which is being forced upon us.

While things may seem bleak and it is easy to become overwhelmed and hopeless, based on the lessons and teachings of our religions, we have great reason to be hopeful and to realize the power of our God of Righteousness. In this regard, both Passover and Easter are celebrations of miraculous deliverance in times of utmost fear and hopelessness. These holy anniversaries remind us that we have been in these positions of extreme danger before. God looked after his followers then, as he will look after us again now.

A few days ago I was chatting to one of our Jewish members who said to me, “Passover is the holiday of Freedom. I pray that this notion will extend to all of us at this time.” When I heard this I suddenly realized how significant and relevant this is to our time. Passover happened when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and it was the last of the tribulations imposed upon the Egyptians to allow the Jews to gain their freedom and leave Egypt. It was all about securing freedom from tyrannical overlords. Is that not exactly what we are praying for again right now?

While Easter is not about freedom per se, it is about miraculous hope at a time of extreme and overwhelming defeat. In the last few years of Jesus’s life, a new religious ‘denomination’ had grown up around him which, over time, would become Christianity as we know it today. But when Jesus was crucified, it all seemed to be over. It appeared to everyone that this little sect had been well and truly crushed. Yet within a couple of days Jesus had risen from the dead, and from those few, terrified, huddling disciples that he had left, Christianity was to grow into a major global religion.

To me, being so focused on building a new better system for the future (starting with healthcare, but eventually including all other ‘institutions’ such as education, the judiciary, law enforcement, etc) this lesson of Easter is very encouraging. It tells me that with faith, hope, and perseverance, and with God on our side, we will be successful in the long term. We will be able to first gain our freedom and then build a new, better world for our children, our grandchildren, and, as our First Nations brothers and sisters tell us, the seventh generation ahead of us.

So, to you all, I say, ‘Happy Easter, Chag Sameach, and Ramadan Mubarak.’

We are all one and we should stand together, united, likely for the first time ever, as we face our greatest challenge. Perhaps this challenge has been imposed upon us simply to teach us this lesson; the lesson that we are all God’s children and we need to stop squabbling and stand up together, shoulder-to-shoulder, to push back this darkness, leverage our true power and achieve our destiny.

Alan Brough

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  1. Well said. Unite in light to oppose the darkness. Amen.


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