Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Brenda Locke lied about Metro Vancouver mayors support

Global Fake News is reporitng that "Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke is facing pressure to clarify an incorrect statement she made last week regarding the support of Metro Vancouver mayors for keeping the RCMP in Surrey. On April 5, the committee of mayors voted unanimously in favour of the Metro Vancouver Regional District Board providing the City of Surrey with a letter of support requesting a swift provincial decision on its request to keep the RCMP as the police of jurisdiction in Surrey. It did not express support for or against the Mounties or the dissolution of the Surrey Police Service (SPS). In a statement that day, however, Locke characterized this motion — made by Delta Mayor George Harvie — as an expression of support for her position on the matter."

Before Doug McCallum was elected mayor of Surrey I was neutral on the proposal to get rid of the RCMP. I didn't see it as a magic solution to the corruption within the CFSEU but felt it was a step in the right direction. Then when I saw all the dirty tricks the Keep the RCMP camp were pulling I became a full supporter of Surrey's creation of its own police force.

There is no doubt in my mind that the last election in Surrey was hacked. There were a lot of high profile candidates running in that election and Brenda Locke was not one of them. I do not believe Brenda Locke received more votes than Jinny Sims. I don't like Jinny Sims but I recognize that she had a much larger following that Brenda Locke did.

Surrey has electronic counting run by Dominion voting. That needs to change. I don't believe that Brenda Locke or Jinny Sims got more votes that Doug McCallum. Doug McCallum had more support in the second election than the previous election he won. The Wake up Surrey movement within the Indo Canadian community in Surrey was huge. They supported a municipal police force. They did not support Brenda Locke.

However, since that thrown election I found out Doug McCallum had a policy that I was not aware of. It turns out that Doug McCallum and Kennedy Stewart both pledged to take advantage of a Justin Trudeau WEF proposal to allow municipalities to make their own rules about the ownership of legal handguns. I had no idea. I'm glad they were both defeated.

Justin Trudeau has already put a freeze on legally obtained handguns in Canada. Target shooters are no longer allowed to buy or sell registered handguns in Canada. That makes the amendment to let municipalities ban them unnecessary and problematic.

If Surrey or Vancouver said you are no longer allowed to legally own a registered handgun in their cities, the federal freeze bans that law abiding citizen from selling it so they would have to move. That however is a violation of the Charter of Rights which states Canadian are free to travel and free to live anywhere in the country they choose.

One of the good things about Canada is that most of the important laws are federal. There is a sense of consistency throughout the country. The laws are, for the most part, homogeneous. In the US each state has its own laws. That makes traveling between states confusing.

Registered handguns legally obtained by law abiding citizens with no criminal record are not the problem. You can't sell a registered handgun without it being traced. That's why criminals use throw aways. They buy illegal guns smuggled in from the US. This recent illegal gun bust addresses the problem of gun violence. Justin Trudeau's freeze or municipal bans do not.

Another concern the public has with the RCMP is the fact that they can easily become gestapo for Ottawa and break their oath to defend the Charter in support of partisan politics that violate it. When we saw the RCMP musical ride trample a disabled woman in Ottawa who was peacefully protesting we were appalled. That was disgusting and that lingering memory will remain with us.

The idea of the RCMP coming to your home and seizing legally obtained property is also an outrage. Seizing any legally obtained property is an outrage. Four provinces and one territory refused to do it. We are witnessing a lot of crazy things happen in the world and one thing is certain. We need less government and more freedom. That is what we need.

It's quite possible the Surrey RCMP supporters that hacked the last election ended up shooting themselves in the foot. The BC NDP is considering forming a provincial police force. Maybe that's why the CFSEU has all of a sudden started doing it's job after being compromised for 10 years. It's quite possible if Surrey keeps the RCMP and disbands the SPF the NDP government will in turn disband the RCMP and form a provincial force. Pride cometh before the fall. All I care about is law and order. If they do their job, I don't have to complain about them not doing it.


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