Sunday, April 23, 2023

Blair White sheds light on Mr Beast's sidekick's kink


  1. This trans-cult is driving me crazy! Children butchering and mutilating themselves as young as 12! The medical profession gagged & told to “affirm” or get charged! The FULL STOP from the MAJORITY is clear and concise, the government and all those trans supporters have been bamboozled. Now the UN is just a breath away from “affirming” that children can give informed consent to sexual abuse. This is nothing less than grooming children for the perverts of the world. WTF do we do to stop it?

  2. Before the "doing" comes "the preparing". This is why they want all your guns, and all your personal information. That is them preparing. You should not give up either. That is you preparing. This is a democracy, the tools are there to resolve major issues peacefully but that's not how it often goes. Don't think that because "But this is Canada" it can't happen here, truckers and anyone not under a rock for the last two years can tell you that it can.


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