Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Letter from Joey Verma: The Omerta

Well this is a bizarre twist of fate. Either that or an act of God. I was sent a copy of a letter Joey Verma wrote Blaze from prison. I kid you not. I understand he also wrote Don Lyons. It's sad because murder is clearly a no win situation. No doubt Britney's family misses her very much. She's not there to wish her mother a Happy Mother's Day today. That's gotta hurt. Likewise Joey misses his family especially his daughter. Clearly a no win situation.

In the letter he claims that he is innocent and is doing someone else's life sentence. He makes reference to giving up his life and family at 29 years old for the Omerta.

The Urban Dictionary states: "Key to the concept of Omerta is that any member of the organization must maintain absolute silence when questioned by law enforcement on the subject of alleged illegal activities by other members of the organization. This can result in one member "taking the fall" for others, facing criminal contempt of court charges or even taking sole responsibility for a crime that others committed. He does this with the assurance that he and his family will be supported by the organization during and after his imprisonment."

Obviously he could just be talking sh*t trying to help his appeal. Yet there is a much bigger picture that is becoming much more clear to me over the last few months. I attended parts of the trial. I saw the pictures that showed the expression of pain on Britney's face when they found her dead body. I commented at the time I wasn't sure which was worse. The pain from being shot in the back with shot gun slugs or the pain of being betrayed by someone she genuinely cared about and trusted. I was also present during the lengthy cross examination of Britney's brother.

I have a huge amount of respect for Britney's brother. The lawyer grilled him for hours about his past trying to drag him through the mud. Yet he was firm and undaunted. He was totally honest about his past struggles with addiction. The murder of his sister made it worse. Yet he rose above all that and got clean to testify at his sisters murder trial. It was the epitome of courage.

He said he was cautious of Joey from the beginning and said to Britney are you sure you can trust this guy? She was firm and said oh yes we can trust him. He admitted that Britney was in a relationship with Joey. Something others had previously said but I didn't believe. Until I saw the text messages that were produced in court. "I'll be right there hun." Very sad. After her clone show was busted she had no income and was desperate to make a big deal of a large amount of high grade pot so they would have some money to live off of. The profit margin on the deal was very small. She had not ratted out her own clone show. That bust put her in a bad financial situation.

So she was putting together a large amount of high grade pot to get some money to pay some bills. Joey was involved with that deal. Britney's brother stated how he expressed his concern at the time about how the deal was going to go down. "You're going out in the bush to shoot guns while the buyers come to pick up the pot?" He thought that was very strange since during a drug deal you're trying to not attract attention. Others claimed anyone who knew Joey wouldn't have thought twice about it because Joey was a hunter.

Britney's brother said he was very concerned when his sister hadn't returned from the drug deal in the bush just off the road to Big White. He found one of her cell phones and found Joey's number. He called it and said Where's my sister?! Joey said she never showed up and her brother called him a f*cking liar. There was a huge amount of evidence that implicated Joey. He was involved in her murder. There was no error in interpretation of the law and no grounds for an appeal. The only question that remains is did he have an accomplice that was also directly involved? At this point I clearly believe he did which puts the whole false motive under question.

I do not believe Joey killed Britney to rip her off to repay a debt to the Kelowna Hells Angels. He was selling drugs for the Hells Angels while in prison. He was making them money. Killing Britney and taking the profit from her last deal would not have been enough to pay off any debt. It was barely enough for her to live off of. I believe the Kelowna Hells Angels were involved alright. I believe it was a hired hit for Britney's manufactured debt she was so desperate to repay.

This Mother's Day I want to pay special tribute to Britney Irving. A young woman from Kelowna who was robbed of her chance at becoming a mother in this life because she was shot in the back and murdered. I have reason to believe Blaze was directly involved in her murder along with Joey. Many reasons. Joey didn't rip her off. He was paying for her hotel after the clone show bust. He said he didn't have a choice and that he had to do it. That part I do believe. Peace.


  1. I love reading your frustrations I hope it gives you a heart attack

  2. Those few seconds when you hear the safety click off behind your back and you know you were betrayed. Welcome to Jesus.

  3. The responses to this one might be worth getting a bowl of popcorn out and watching them appear!

  4. Some one had to go to jail for the murder. Guess the RCMP and others decided he would work best. Whether he did it or not of course is another question. as with some many other things in crime and politics, others decide what is going to happen, and those lower on the food chain, have to live with the results.

  5. Die just like britanny N your wife janice shore

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  7. Good luck with your investigation on a closed case hero

  8. Roger445 is obviously Blaze. He trolls here regularly.

  9. He didn't commit this crime he's an innocent man that got taken away from his family because the rcmp didn't have enough evidence so they just blamed him and took in this innocent man

    1. Joey was involved. I attended the trial. He told a witness that he had to kill her. He didn't have a choice. Blaze was there. He should have been convicted but went into the Witness Protection Program instead.


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