Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ottawa pledges 100 more cops to fight Surrey Drug War

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Ottawa has pledged to hire 100 more Mounties in Surrey to respond to the dramatic increase in recent drug related shootings. What a crock of sh*t that is. You can fill every donut shop in Surrey with cops and it won't do a thing to stop the drug related violence as long as you continue to let drug dealers sell crack in Newton and outside the Front Room. If you don't arrest the crack dealers you are wasting everyone's time and money.

It's also a waste of time if you don't transfer Bill Fordy out of Surrey and put a professional in that will actually do the job. In the /80's when the US crack epidemic was thriving in south Seattle, I knew of two different police officers, as soon as they started putting pressure on the crack dealers and arresting them, they were transferred out of the area. We can't stop the gang violence until we stop the corruption in office that enables it and profits from it.

Welcome to the Brave New World where money talks and the bullsh*t never stops.

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  1. Saw the ``photo op`` on CTV news, who much to their credit did not let the feds get away with it. CTV pointed out this was more of a ``re announcement``. . We have heard this announcement several times, but the truth is the RCMP depot in Winnipeg doesn`t turn out enough RCMP officers. You also don`t want new officers right out of training for Surrey. it needs experienced officers. If Ottawa plans to `steal` them from other communities it just causes more problems elsewhere.

    It is doubtful if any of these officers will ever hit the streets of Surrey. it was just a photo op for the Minister of National Revenue. We are going to have a federal election.

    Now Bill Fordy, obviously isn`t getting the job done. Under his watch things have only been getting worse. will things change. will Bill Fordy be moved. don`t bet your pension cheque on it. He has been in his position for so long, he knows where enough bodies are buried to stay in his job until he retires. Now that is a thought, can he retire.

    What goes on in surrey works for the politicians, cops, drug organizations, etc. It keeps the ``problem`` out of other areas and property values continue to rise in other areas. If drug dealers continue to sell crack in one area and the police chief doesn`t send down even a few cops to arrest a couple of dealers, you know something is wrong. it must be working for someone.


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