Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Afghanistan heroin bust

This one's kind of baffling. There was a big song and dance patting everyone on the back for breaking up a heroin ring that was bringing heroin into Canada from Afghanistan. 37 kilos of heroin were seized. That is a fair amount and a job well done. Yet it's all so conflicted.

After all this was heroin coming in from Afghanistan. Insp. Cal Chrustie, a spokesman for the RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit (FSOC), told reporters “The feedback we’ve received recently is we haven’t seen a number of shipments coming into Canada of Afghan heroin recently.” That's the problem right there. Afghanistan supplies 92 per cent of the world’s opium.

In 2001 the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the allied invasion Afghanistan once again became the world's largest producers of opium. So if Afghanistan is the largest producers of opium in the world, why aren't we seeing many shipments coming into Canada? Are we not looking for them? Would that interfere with our allies who are guarding, protecting and promoting the opium trade in Afghanistan? Just like in Vietnam.

US Soldiers are protecting the opium crops. That is the biggest con of the Brave New World. They claim that if we don't do it the Taliban will. Yet that is a lie because the Taliban were the ones that brought opium production to a grinding halt. We are the ones that reversed that trend.

This drug ring was sure taking a round about route to get to Canada. It wasn't coming from China like all the huge shipments. The Vancouver Province reported that "Shipments originating in Afghanistan traveled primarily by air - either on people’s bodies or in their luggage - through Johannesburg and Dar es Salaam, then to Brussels and on to Canada. The shipments were then distributed to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver." Not like the half ton shipments coming here from China. Sounds more like a sting operation then the disruption of a real network.


  1. loved the picture at the bottom of your post! It about says it all. If Canada hasn't found any heroin coming in from Afg. then they haven't been looking or they were making sure they were looking in all the wrong places.

    To maintain the current "peace" in Afg. the tribals have to be given something. If it isn't the cash truck driving from village to village, I guess they have to go back to growing their crops.

    The Taliban, or the Afg. version of it, were a tad retro. No education for women and no drugs.

    Who knows, why did we ever invade that country. It just never did make sense. if the Russians couldn't win there, no one could. Now there are reports China's military is having some "success". I'd love to hear more about that.

    perhaps the invasion was to ensure the heroin trade was opened up again, because their other "reason" to free the women, just hasn't worked out so well. After all the money that was spent on that war and all the deaths, you'd think every woman in Afg. would have at least a high school education and a profession.

  2. Well, "the reason" was to exact revenge for 9-11 by trashing the Taliban who had sheltered OBL. The problem with that is, no one seems to be able to resist the temptation to "nation-build". Or try to. The fact that doing so fails every time does not seem to faze all these highly educated idiots in charge of our foreign policy. We used to call these folks "book smart/street stupid".

    The Taliban as it existed in 2001 was virtually wiped out on the battlefield by SF ODA's and Air Force Forward Observers calling in B-52 Arc Light strikes. Thousands at a time. This is all pretty much documented by men who were on the ground there,

    Here's the problem. "Mission creep" and political ambition. You go there, you kill everyone who needs killing, and then you leave. The problem is getting the troops out, people come up with the neatest sounding reasons to stay and they are all BS. Obama promised to bring all the troops home but that was just to get elected. After that he wants to win AND bring the troops home, because he also wants to get re-elected. You win a war, you get re-elected, that simple. And Halliburton/KBR made hundreds of millions, you think they want to go home?

    There's money to be made in war. Trust me.

    1. Only the Taliban had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. We were conned. Six months before 9/11 the Texas oil companies were wining and dining the Taliban trying to win the contract for the Central Asian Gas pipeline. As soon as the Taliban gave the contract for the pipeline to an Argentina firm instead of an American firm, Afghanistan was invaded and that decision was reversed.

      Yes there is money to be made in war. By the big corporations. Halliburton made a lot of money in Iraq too. However, the US Military's current involvement with the opium in Afghanistan has nothing to do with nation building. It's just an excuse to do publicly what they did secretly in Vietnam. Mel Gibson was in the movie Air America. It was a comedy based on a true story according to Terry Reed.


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