Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ireland votes to approve Gay marriage

Vice News is reporting that Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage by a national vote with 62% in favor. I think the key word here is marriage. What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. Gay rape is just as heinous as heterosexual rape. Especial when it involves children. So although the church opposes the decision it clearly must take the board out of it's own eye before it takes the speck out of it's neighbors.


  1. You may not post this, but so be it.

    There is no board. There is, however, the fact those "priests" who have abused children were homosexual. They were not dating women, but raping and molesting those of their same gender.

    All we need is examine the case of Ontario's advisor of their new proposed child sexualization program they want schools to implement.

  2. I'm not sure why I wouldn't post it. However, there most certainly is a monstrous board in the church's eye. One or two cases of child molestation are horrific yet the vast number of offenses constitutes a colossal problem which relates to a huge board obstructing the church's view on anything else. I don't understand homosexuality but consensual acts are far different then acts of rape.

    1. Whenever something happens (in the case of this blog it is crime) - one must always trace it to its source in order to find out the cause.

      These criminal acts can be child molestation or they can be drug dealing and murder and rape. They are crimes.

      Another word for crime is sin. The term of sin covers a much greater range of actions in that it also includes internal acts, as well as external acts. The criminal codes in use in the world today come from the theological. They all are traced back to and based on the 10 Commandments.

      Sin acknowledges two levels/severities: venial and mortal (like summary and indictable, respectively).

      A key difference is that man's laws change and are altered over time. Whereas God's laws are unchanging (immutable) and never alter and are unalterable. If they (God's laws) did change over time, then God would not be "I am Who Am" - He would be a changing and contradictory Being.

      Yet, we find God has never contradicted Himself, in any way, shape or form. Nor has any teaching of the Catholic Church (just one of the proofs of the Catholic Church being the True Church of God founded by Christ).

      [Now, I am fully aware there are a few vocal individuals who go around attempting to claim the Church does and has contradicted itself as well as the Holy Bible, but each and every one of those claims is either an outright lie meant to slander and liable or is a misunderstanding of a simple concept. An example of the latter is trying to claim that God contradicts Himself from the Old to the New Testaments; which is in error (at the least, and heresy in the typical form, sadly). Christ did not change ANY of His (God's) laws. He came to deliver from the law (the old Covenant) those who were subservient to the law - it was a fulfilment. That is like saying a student graduating from elementary school who moves on to high school is a contradiction.]

      So, we need to find and acknowledge the root cause of these criminal acts. Pride is the first sin. It is what caused Adam and Eve to sin and it is was caused Lucifer and the other fallen angels, who became the first Hell's Angels, to sin.

      In typing this, I realize a connection - the "Pride" parades being named as such. Coincidence? Or flaunting?

      Marriage is one of the 7 Sacraments. That is why it is commonly known as Holy Matrimony. All 7 Sacraments were instituted by Christ, who is God (I know some of my Muslim friends may be reading this and we share the belief in Mary (Mariam) being the Virgin Bride of Joseph who gave birth to Jesus whom they only believe was a prophet and not the Messiah and therefore God Himself and that is the prime "bone of contention" between the two faiths but Mary is the key to communication between us).

      Man cannot change what constitutes marriage. Nor can he (man) give the name of the Sacrament to something that is not the Sacrament and make it such.

      It is like calling up, down and down, up or left, right and right, left and being able to simply change it. Yet, that example is entirely inadequate because it is not like that in the sense left and right and up and down are mere words signifying a concept while a Sacrament is something that leaves a mark upon the soul - not simply a directional indication.

      A person cannot go around calling himself something when he is not and be totally sane. I cannot go around stating I am a gnome or an elf. That would be out of touch with reality. A good working definition of insanity is being out of touch with reality.

      There is a direct correlation between that psychological state of being and claiming marriage is simply a mere ceremony that includes a piece of paper purchased from the government and administered by an agent of the state who also pays the government to be said agent.

      While this whole concept of gay "marriage" is simple, obviously the fact people do not understand it shows a sense of it is not simple. (Hence the longer post that simply frames the concept.)

  3. Now if Irish women could just get an abortion as easily as they can get a marriage license. You still need to go to England for that.

    The "yes" side in Ireland ran a great campaign using social media to it full advantage. They engaged young people.

    The church wasn't able to run much of a counter campaign because it is still tainted with the scandals of child abuse. It had to sit this one out.

  4. I still think abortion as a form of birth control is somewhat barbaric. Reminiscent of ancient Greeks who would abandon babies on hillsides if they was anything wrong with them. Certainly not a sign of a civilized society.


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