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Theme for 2023: The Struggle between Good and Evil continues because it's always misrepresented.

Since the credibility meltdown of the mainstream media became painfully obvious in 2022, I'd like to establish a new theme for 2023. "The Struggle between good and evil continues because it's always misrepresented." They say the truth is the first casualty of war and we have clearly seen that to be the case. Let's start with Hitler. Hitler was an expert manipulator. He conned the Germans back then just like the New World Order is conning us now. Nobody knew he was gassing Jews at the time. He kept that hidden. His rise to power was the result of deception.

Hitler burned down Parliament and blamed it on terrorists so he could suspend civil liberty and become chancellor. Then he bombed a German radio station and blamed it on Poland to justify invading Poland. The rest is history. Fascism is not a threat any more because everyone opposes it. Communism is a threat because everyone misrepresents it. Communism is an Empire of Lies.

The misrepresentation of the struggle between good and evil is not new nor is the misrepresentation of Communism. In fact, it dates back to the war in heaven. We don't know much about the war in heaven other than the fact that there was one where Lucifer, the son of the morning, was cast out along with one third of the host of heaven. That's significant and clearly shows how deceptive the misrepresentation of that struggle really was.
That's pretty extreeme. One minute you're an angel doing this and the next minute your a devil doing that. There is no lie that can rationalize that. The end does not justify the means and actions speak louder than words. By their fruits ye shall know them. Satan wanted to take our free agency away from us. Of course he claimed it was in our best interest. The inherit problem is that progression cannot occur without free agency. Without free agency our progression stops and we become a damned soul in hell so to speak or more simply a slave of the state.

Satan used to be known as Lucifer. He was a high ranking arch angel who rejected God's plan that included free agency. Likewise Communism claims that taking away our freedom is also in our best interest. They claim in so doing they can create social justice. Only that too is a lie. There is no social justice in Communism. People get conned into supporting evil because they are lied to and use lies to con others into joining them. This is why the truth will set you free. This is also why evil constantly misrepresents truth. It is a deception based on lies.

The humorous YouTuber who goes by the name Whatsherface stated that "The purpose of controlled opposition is to lump factual information in with nonsense." She nailed it. They do that to discredit criticism. They will have someone make true statements then go off on nonsense. That way when people hear true facts they will think of the nonsense instead of the true facts.

So what I'd like to do is play a little pinball. Remember that old song Pinball Wizard? Let's set the nonsense aside and take a look at some of the facts that clearly reveal an uncomfortable truth. First, let's identify the nonsense. Flat Earthers, Holocaust Deniers and Lizard people, that's nonsense. So let's set that aside and see what the facts reveal.

Let's begin with Operation Northwoods. No Conspiracy Theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That was a declassified document proposed by Allen Dulles director of the CIA. The purpose of 9/11 was the introduction of the Patriot act that removed civil liberty.
Let's talk about Gary Webb. The CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic back in the /80's. This goes back to Bo Grits discovery in Vietnam. George Bush Sr was the Globalist that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking in the first place. The propose of the CIA's drug trafficking is to raise money to erode the Constitution and our civil liberty. That is their real motive. It has nothing to do with fighting Communism. It is simply about hijacking Communism. The lie the CIA consistently uses is that they are doing evil to raise money for good. No there's not. They are doing evil to raise money for evil and help hide and fund their lies.

Someone tried to post a comment on another thread asking for links to the CIA's drug trafficking. I deleted the comment because I assumed it was just more of Blaze's never ending spam but in the rare event it was someone new to this blog, I'll add a few links here. First we can start with the big screen. The Gary Webb story was covered in the movie Kill the Messenger.

Garry Webb was an award winning investigative journalist who published a series called Dark Alliance documenting the CIA's involvement with the US crack epidemic back in the /80's. The story went viral and the mainstream media freaked claiming the story had no merit. That's when Garry Webb documented everything in a book also called Dark Alliance. After that he committed suicide. He shot himself in the head twice. Gary Webb did not commit suicide any more that Dr David Kelly did. They were both assassinated by the intelligence community for revealing unlawful state secrets. Just like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

The allegations had already been confirmed by the Kerry Committee. Gary Webb found the connection between the CIA's Oscar Blandon and Freeway Ricky. Freeway Ricky didn't realize he was working for the CIA at the time. When the DEA busted Oscar Blandon, the CIA pulled the plug and said you can't bust him, he works for us. So they made Blandon a protected police informant who testified against Freeway Ricky who was a drug dealer that worked for him.

Freeway Ricky made a documentary called Crack in the System that had a former DEA agent on who admitted that when the CIA pulled the plug on the Blandon bust, the DEA became corrupted. Instead of trying to stop drug trafficking they just started seizing the proceeds of crime and pocketed finders fees. This was also confirmed by former LA Police Detective Mike Ruppert.

This was all part of Iran Contra but it didn't start or stop there. Vietnam war hero Bo Grits caught the CIA trafficking drugs during Vietnam. The movie Air America with Mel Gibson was a comedy based on a true story that was confirmed by Terry Reed's book Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. Chip Tatum was another witness confirming the CIA's drug trafficking out of Meena. The CIA created the Golden Triangle. That was documented by Jonathan Kwitny in his book the Crimes of Patriots. Operation Fast and Furious sowed us that Iran contra never stopped.

Judge Bonner was head of the DEA when the CIA were caught bringing a ton of cocaine into Florida. The CIA kept denying it over and over until Judge Bonner went on 60 minutes and documented everything. Retired Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin, describes the CIA's drug traficking under Operation Watchtower in his book The Conspirators. Colonel Edward P. Cutolo confirmed everything and claimed that Col. Tony Noriega helped the CIA smuggle cociane.

Al Martin also explained that in addition to drug trafficking the CIA also use investment fraud as part of their fund raising efforts. We saw Earl Brian do that for them in Canada. Al Martin explained how they would frequently crash banks in Texas with the promise of a government bailout. The CIA crash of the BCCI was tied to Saudi Arabia, their arms dealing kingpins. They also crashed the Nugan Hand in Australia. Both banks collapse because of the CIAs arms dealing, drug smuggling and money laundering. Who do you think is behind all this ransomware that target large companies in Canada? It's the CIA. That's their MO.

OK so moving ahead and deciphering the fake news in 2023, let's look at China Uncensored. For the most part, China Uncensored is a good source of news that Communist China doesn't want you to know. However, it's clearly influenced by the CIA and for that reason also contains some fake news to fulfill the CIA's agenda. The CIA doesn't want to stop Communism, they want to hijack it. They want to control it. They don't want to stop Mao, they want to be Mao.

We all saw the insane agenda behind Communist China's zero Covid policy over Omicron and the introduction of their QR Codes. Banning travel had nothing to do with having Covid, it was about banning people who protested from traveling. We all know that when a virus replicates itself it gets weaker not stronger. Omicron was less severe than the seasonal flu. Locking down over Omicron was a criminal act and Communist China did exactly that. Even they couldn't withstand the push back. Yet look at how the CIA and the fake news are spinning it.

During Covid the CIA and the fake news falsified Covid deaths. People who died of cancer, heart disease or the flu were all listed as having died from Covid. They also lied about and misrepresented the hospitalization rates especially during Omicron.

We saw the selective way Communist China implemented and regulated QR codes. The CIA supports that and wants to implement that in North America. So now the CIA is using China Uncensored to claim Communist China is hiding Covid death rates. That is a bold faced lie with an agenda. If China did have a spike in death rates they would be flaunting that on their State run media to justify their ridiculous zero Covid policy. They have no motive to lie about that. The CIA is lying about it to try and rebuild the fake hype about another weaker variant because they want us to accept QR codes, RNA Vaccines and more lockdowns.

In fact since I wrote this, China Uncensored's lies about Covid in China have become ridiculous. The CIA control the fake news. They're connected at the hip. There is another media outlet I often quote that reports true information about China's organ harvesting. They are also tied to the CIA so some of their reports are also compromised. Yet I will not name them because they still have some good information we can use. It's like Fox News. Fox News is better than CNN but it's still compromised. They want to cater to Conservatives and then lead them astray by promoting Republican Globalists like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell.

The moral of the story is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Question everything. No single person or single media outlet is infallible. Blind faith in anyone or anything is blind.

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