Monday, January 9, 2023

CTV News reporter goes into medical distress

Speaking of sudden deaths and sudden collapses, tragically news reporter Jessica Robb from CTV Edmonton just went into medical distress live on air. NAC is a natural herb that helps people detox from the vaccine. Jessica says she feels very lucky to be vaxxed three times. Rollyeyes.

Take a look at the list of replies on Twitter.


  1. Telegram has some vax injury channels, just wait till people relies the miscarriage rates, still births and child death. I'm sure glad I did not aid or take part in this sick and twisted satanic ritual.

  2. Here is another story about people collapsing, especially young athletes.

  3. I take some acetylcysteine, also known as NAC. It appears to have real value alleviating the effects of the covid spike protein, and possibly some mental health problems, but it is not “a natural herb”.,enhances%20glutathione%20S%2Dtransferase%20activity.

    1. You can get NAC in a prescription from a doctor but you can also get it as a supplement from the health food store.That's the kind I take. Just like you can take iron as a prescription or as a supplement. As that quote admits, "cysteine is present in some meals like chicken and turkey meats, garlic, yogurt, and eggs."


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