Saturday, January 28, 2023

Leslyn Lewis on Justin Trudeau's WEF Charter

Leslyn Lewis states that "Over the course of the year, as I was reading a number of international documents, I kept coming across the term “Agile Nations.” I also saw a number of government documents reference the term agile without defining this term or new policy approach."

"I then discovered a government webpage explaining that in November 2020, Canada had signed onto an international forum, called the Agile Nations. With very little information publicly available, in October 2022, I decided to ask the government for information on the Agile Nations”

"The response I received back shocked me. The Liberal government had signed a Charter not just with other nations, but under the direction of the World Economic Forum (WEF). You can read the full disclosure here. Because there is much to talk about with this Charter, I have put together a video to help break down the first part of the government’s response, which you can watch here. Here’s the story."

"The Origins of the Agile Nations Charter: The WEF and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) invited several countries and corporations to participate in the 'Panel on Agile Governance for the Post-pandemic World' in November 2020. The Treasury Board Minister at the time, Jean-Yves Duclos, attended the panel on behalf of Canada “for discussions on agile regulation of emerging technologies.”

"According to the government, Canada 'provided input on early drafts of the Charter to inform the final version that was signed in November 2020. The Agile Nations is a forum for countries to collaborate on modernizing and streamlining regulations and technologies across borders — this includes a digital ID or digital passport program."

"The WEF toolkit for this initiative says clearly: 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers the potential to change lives around the world for the better. But to realize this potential, a new approach to governance is needed.' Canada’s Leading Role Canada has volunteered to take the lead on the Agile Nations’ 'Digital Credentials and Digital Trust Services' project."

"The Trudeau government continues to operate below the radar of Canadians and outside of Parliament. The Agile Nations Charter did not get raised in Parliament before Canada signed on. It was signed when Canadians were distracted with COVID-19, when they were focused on getting through the pandemic and concerned about the violation of their Charter rights due to COVID measures."

"The government had a leading role in the development of this Charter and its signing in November 2020, yet not even a press release was put out to inform the public of this WEF partnership. All meetings of the Agile Nations have happened virtually, and it appears none of them have been made public. So, why the secrecy?"

"As we’ve seen with the Known Traveller Digital Identity project and with the ArriveCan app, there is a trend where we see this government proactively engaging with international organizations governed by unelected global elites like the WEF on public policy, technology and data sharing."

"It's both sad and unacceptable that while this Liberal government either ignored or dismissed Canadians’ questions about the influence of organizations like the WEF on our domestic affairs, and while the mainstream media mocked Canadians for asking questions, the government had quietly signed onto both the Known Traveller Digital Identity and the Agile Nations Charter."

"he anxieties and concerns of Canadians about these organizations and their influence on our domestic affairs are not going away until we see more honesty from the Trudeau government. The voice of Canadians need to be heard and respected."

"The lack of transparency that we have witnessed from this Liberal government is scary. I will continue to work tirelessly to compel accountability and disclosure from this liberal government. With heads of global organizations like the WEF bragging about having 'penetrated' our Cabinet, we must continue to fight for the integrity of our democracy."

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  1. WOW.. Thank you for the hard work..
    VERY Interesting about the Liberal Government (Bilderberg Group) and Council of Foreign Relations is involved as well....

  2. The arrogance of the people in all these little groups appointing themselves in charge of our lives and "deciding" how the world should be run is gob stopping. "Subversion".


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