Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin's Cardiac Arrest on the Field

Former Jaguars Guard, Garland-Native Uche Nwaneri Dies After Collapsing at Wife's Home

Former NFL player who called for COVID jab resisters to be jailed dies suddenly at 38

Eighteen UK doctors speak out about covid vaccine concerns

Japan Orders Investigation Into Covid Vaccine Deaths

Leslyn Lewis on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Dr Peter McCullough on Athletes dying young

2021 - 2022 Epidemic of heart issues in athletes


  1. Maybe this will be the catalyst to wake the delusional masses to the fact that world class athletes have been dropping in various leagues around the world since this bioweapon shot was implemented.

    1. We can hope, but I'm not betting on it. The media are going FAR out of their way to not mention anything at all about that. The first couple of folks on camera to do so will undoubtedly be fired to send a message that "disinformation will not be tolerated". I'd LOL but there's nothing LOL about it.

      A buddy of mine down south told me today that all the regular evening programming was cancelled for 3 hours after that "to continue reporting live". The same half dozen 5 second clips of players crying and such over and over again, 2-3 times a minute for hours while all the talking heads, with no new information, just kept on talking, and talking, and.....

      It's been reported that the Buffalo Bill's whole team got a booster a week ago as an NFL wide team requirement.

  2. Good article. Keep up the good work.


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