Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Florian’s Knights Movie: Setting the Stage

Update: Florian’s Knights: A Cautionary Tale

Someone asked me to do a review of the Florian’s Knights movie since it's garnishing international attention. I'd forgotten all about that. I had posted about it before but never watched it. Before I watch it and write a review I want to set the stage first.

I support the freedom of association. The Charter of Rights doesn't protect your right to sell crack but it does protect the freedom of association. The Spook we had on here was pretty determined to paint all Hells Angels as criminals. I agree that some if not many are but I remain amendment that not all are. George Christie said it best. He said the Hells Angels are not a criminal organization because the ones who are involved in criminal activity are stingy and don't share the proceeds of crime with the other members. I laughed when I heard that and agreed with it.

This blog has evolved over the years. When I first started it over 10 years ago it had two founding premises. The first was that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and the second was like unto it. That the CIA is also a criminal organization. In fact a local journalist took a screenshot of those two premises when I had my first court case several years ago. That was back when I went by the name Agent K from the movie Men in Black. It was a joke. I was never a police agent.

Needless to say, over the past 10 years I have amended my first premise but stood firm on my second premise. The criminals within the CIA make the Hells Angels look like Boy Scouts and the attack our current government has unleashed on our sacred civil liberty is a far worse crime than any drug dealer in the dirt of our cities. That's why I was somewhat disappointed to hear that a local firefighter who had started a local chapter of the Florian’s Knights was forced to retire because the media posted a picture of him with a member of the Hells Angels.

I have to be a little careful here because I am dancing around two different gag orders but their relation to this story is meager and nominal. Nevertheless, as the Master once said, "Dance, dance wherever ye may be. I am the Lord of the Dance said he."

Now when I set the stage there are two different scenes. One is the local scene about the relationship between the firefighters and the East Vancouver Hells Angels. The other is the international stage about firefighters in New York dealing with PTSD from 9/11. Don't get me started on that. I loved New York City. It broke my heart to see Bill de Blasio flush that pivotal city down the toilet after Rudy Giuliani saved it. Needless to say I supported Curtis Sliwa's bid for mayor. Needless to say, I believe 9/11 was an inside job.

No planes hit the third tower. Steel framed buildings don't collapse into their own blueprint at free fall speed unless the load bearing beams have been blown out. That doesn't happen from fire. For that reason firefighters are taught to fight tower fires aggressively. If you want to talk about therapy for betrayal have a look at the movie 9/11 Explosive Evidence. It talks about dealing with the grief someone has to process after they realize their own government lied to them.

Don't get me started on the asbestos. One of the Florian’s Knights trailers talked about wind therapy from riding a motorcycle. I totally support that. However, that's kind of hard to experience when many of these guy's motorcycles that have big ass fairings that look more like a Goldwing than a Harley. Just sayn. Riding motorcycles is great. I ride full season. That's why I endorse the book I loved as a kid called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

That brings us back to the East Vancouver Hells Angels. Mind how ya go. In Whiterock they used to have the Gypsy Wheelers. They were normal. My shooting buddy's uncle was a Sergeant at Arms with them back in the day. The Gypsie Wheelers patched over to become Hells Angels. However, in Vancouver they had the Satan’s Angels who also patched over to become Hells Angels. They were f*ck ups. I don't have a problem with Bryce. I respect him. He used to race nitrous Harley's. I respect that. Rainbow Ricky is a different story. He's the only one that I know of left over from that Devil's Butler nonsense. He was a young offender at the time.

The East Vancouver Hells Angels have been involved with a lot of drug trafficking over the years. Big Tony was a big part of it. He's dead now. Giving the DTES drug trade to the Wolf Pack was cringe to say the least. Do the Hells Angels have a right to ride motorcycles? Of course they do. Do they have the right to sell crack? Not at all. We need to distinguish between the two. Committing crime is not a Charter Right but the freedom of association is.

Firefighters and Veterans have complete respect of the general public. Cops are different. They're 50/50. Firefighters and Veterans risk their lives to save people. Many cops do too but many have egos and like handing out traffic tickets. Nobody respects that. As I've said before, criminals hate cops and law biding citizens hate dirty cops. That means nobody likes a dirty cop. Nobody.

Firefighters and Veterans should have a right to join a non drug dealing MC. Cops shouldn't. If police officers want to join a MC they should join Iron Order. They're not a 1% club. 1% means criminal. That's what that means. As I have said, I was never a cop or a gang member. I was a volunteer working for Curtis Sliwa during the US crack epidemic.

I do ride but I've never joined or wanted to join a MC. I do my own thing. Many years ago I went on a couple rides with one group that impressed me. There was a guy there named Curt who I respected. He had recently got a Hells Angels tattoo so I assume he was a member although it had nothing to do with the group I went on a couple rides with.

One time Curt says to me I remember back in the day, Larry and I would be on a ride and we'd look over our shoulder and see bikes as far as the eye could see. He was not referring to Larry Amero. This was a different Larry. Larry Amero doesn't ride motorcycles. He just sells drugs and rides SUVs. That's the problem. Guys like him are ruining it for everyone else. When it comes to the criminal history of the Hells Angels, all I'm going to say is that pride cometh before the fall. We all need to get our sh*t together because the CIA and the Trudeau government's attack on our civil liberty makes the criminals in the Hells Angels look like Boy Scouts. Ride Hard, Die Free.


  1. I'm not gonna say that the Hells Angels are a criminal organisation, but I will say that a lot of self admitted criminal organisations consider the Hells Angels to be a criminal organisation - which is a pretty strange thing for an organisation which is not a criminal organisation.

  2. Call a spade a spade.....ffs.

    It's this phoney shit that has destroyed this country.

  3. I like this author! Well written and a straight shooter!

    More important than if an organization is criminal or not, is if an individual is a criminal…specifically if I am or not…and I’m not thanks to guidance from a mysterious source inside of me…


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