Sunday, January 1, 2023

A New Year of Conflict in the Middle East

Someone sent me a link to this cool video of fireworks going off to celebrate the New Year in Nazareth. That's kind of what it sounded like last night outside my window here in Surrey. I didn't hear any yelling or pots and pans but I heard a ton of fireworks from many different locations.

I clicked on a link in one of the videos and found a pro Palestinian site reporting "Breaking Media coverage: Palestinian resistance fighters target Israeli occupation forces with gunfire as military patrols storm the town of Kafr Dan, north of the occupied West Bank." It's a recent post about an event that appears to have happened three weeks ago.

The headline admits Palestinian resistance fighters target Israeli occupation forces with gunfire. Maybe that's why the Israeli military returned fire. Then I see another inflammatory headline which reads "Watch: Israel’s new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu breaks into the Al-Buraq wall, the western portion of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and performs Talmudic rituals, right now." He's a Jew going to the Western Wall to pray. WTF?

That's a Jewish holy site. We need to take a deep breath and calm the f*ck down. We need to calmly and rationally sift through the fake news so we can discern the truth amidst the lies. I don't have blind obedience to either side. Personally I think you are all crazy and I'll explain why later. I just want to sift through all the bullsh*t first.

I want to address the two conflicts in Israel and the media's deliberate misrepresentation of Benjamin Netanyahu. The fake news keeps going off about how far right he is. They deliberately use and misrepresent that term because they have an agenda. To the fake news, if you're on the right side of the Berlin wall you're far right. In reality, you're normal.

That brings us to the two separate conflicts in Israel. The fist is Israeli versus Palestinian. The other is the Israelis and the Palestinians against themselves. As we know, the UN has been taken over by Communists. Benjamin Netanyahu is opposing a UN resolution trying to interfere with Israel's sovereignty. He stated that "Jews cannot be occupiers in their own land." Actually they can because historically, Joshua did not conquer the entire land. God forbade that and said "Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt."

It was kind of a cruel gift. Here's your land but you can't have all of it and you're going to be surrounded by enemies who want to drive you off the face of the earth. He did that to try them and to humble them. If you get too high and mighty, I'm going to let them kick your a*s.

So that's one aspect of the conflict in the Middle East. Two groups of people who both want total control over the same land and refuse to share. That's basically what it all boils down to. However there's another conflict within the conflict just like Poland saw being liberated by Communists after they were invaded by Fascists. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The second conflict in the Middle East is the same conflict the rest of the world faces and that is the misrepresentation of Communism and their New World Order of slavery. If the Palestinians think the Jews are bad, wait until they see Klaus Schwab. None of you will own any land or anything else and none of you will be allowed to practice your religion. Buyer Beware.

When I was young I really wanted to visit the Holy Land do I did. I toured Israel, worked on a kibbutz and became acquainted with the great work they do at the Oasis of Peace. I had a really positive experience back then but for the most part, the feelings I have for Israel now are the same as the feelings Gandalf had about Moria. Israel is a place of extremism.

The Bible says where two or three are gathered in my name, there I will be also. I'm different. I say, wherever there is a struggle between good and evil, there I will be also. That's my thing.

The Times of Israel is reporting that "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu harshly criticized a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) resolution from last week in which Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jerusalem’s Old City are wholly ignored." That is true. The Jews definitely have a historical connection to the Dome of the Rock. It is the site of Mohammad's ascension into heaven but it is also the site where Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice. I've already said my piece on that.

The Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock is God's cruel paradox of making the same place holy for two different world religions. It is a simple puzzle you've all failed. The Western Wall was called the Wailing Wall because it was a holy site for the Jews who were commissioned to rebuild the Temple before the Messiah Ben David returns. The problem is they don't own the property. It's owned by another major religion and to take the land by force would start a world war.

The simple solution is pick another site for your Temple. It's not rocket science. Moses had the tabernacle in the wilderness where the children of Israel were brought into the bond of the covenant. Pick another site. Don't you think that would be the godly thing to do? I have a lot of Muslin neighbors from Syria. They're not perfect. No one is but they're good neighbors. In fact their religion teaches them to be good neighbors.

Christ taught many parables and one was about the good Samaritan answering the question who is my neighbor? Jews are also taught to be good neighbors. Religion isn't the problem, hypocrisy is. I don't support banning all religions or the formation of a single state religion. I support what Paul described as pure religion. If you're a Muslim, be a good Muslim. If you're a Christian, be a good Christian. If you're a Jew, be a good Jew. It really is that simple.

If there's a dispute with your neighbor, don't you think God would want you to take the higher road and be the bigger man? He'd want you to make a compromise. That's not idolatry, that's pure religion. It's the spirit of the law as opposed to the letter of the law. I don't even think you have the right site. The Mormons probably have the right site and I have no doubt they will let you use it so the sons of Levi can one day offer a sacrifice in righteousness.

Say what you want about Christ but Jesus was a Jew. Muslims don't believe he was the Messiah but they do believe he was a prophet. Jesus made a prophecy about the Temple. He said the Temple would be destroyed and one stone would not be left standing upon the other. I see a lot of stones standing on top of each other in your Wailing Wall. Jesus was standing at the Temple site when he said that - on the Mount of Olives. Right beside the Dome of the Rock.
BTW I do not support evicting Palestinians out of their homes and building new Jewish homes in their place. That has nothing to do with left wing or right wing. That is haram. It is unneighborly and ungodly. It is also a violation of Jewish law. I am not from Israel. I'm from Vancouver where Muslims and Jews get along just fine. As they should. So mote it be.


  1. Abraham was never named Israel. Abraham's legitimate son was Isaac who had two sons... Essau and Jacob. Jacob was encouraged by his mother to con his way into his older brothers rightful "birthrite" and succeeded. He suffered greatly for this choice and was exiled by his brother whom he was rightfully scared of. As Jacob drew closer to GOD he found himself literally wrestling with the "Angel"..Holy Spirit..Jesus and had his hip broken to remember his transgressions and relationship with God. At this time GOD named Jacob (Israel). Jacob/Israel had 12 sons who formed the head of the 12 tribes of ISRAEL.

    1. I guess you're right. To my recollection, Abraham was first named Israel, then Issac, then Jacob. That is the bloodline that inherited that name. However, I can't see any other references that refer to Abraham or Isaac as Israel only Jacob. Yes, Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Most of the Jews in Israel are descended from Judah. Some are from Levi. Don't get me started on how Judah slept with his daughter in law after his son died because she dressed up like a prostitute.


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