Saturday, January 21, 2023

Hells Angels kidnap 70 year old grandparents from New York over their grandson's drug bust

Let's take a look at the dynamics here. A guy kidnaps an elderly couple in New York State and smuggles them into Quebec to hold them as ransom for their son's drug debt. Only the debt wasn't from using drugs. The debt was from getting caught trying to smuggle 50 kilos of cocaine for them. That's the first dynamic.

He claimed in court that he "had" to. The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "Gary Arnold testified Thursday that he received a letter at the home he shared with his common-law wife in Hinchinbrooke, Que., on the morning of Sept. 24. He described it as a threatening note advising him to attend a meeting that day at a fast-food restaurant in Ch√Ęteauguay."

"Arnold says he went to Ch√Ęteauguay without telling anyone about the letter and was met by a man named 'Big' — an individual he described as looking like 'a refrigerator on steroids' who told him to deliver a phone to the Mohawk reserve of Akwesasne and keep another on him. He said 'Big' told him: 'Nothing is going to happen to you if you listen to the instructions.'”

"The Crown says the couple were abducted over a drug debt owed by their grandson, Mackenzie Helm, who had been arrested by U.S. authorities six days earlier in possession of 50 kilograms of cocaine. Arnold testified that on the day of the kidnapping during an exchange at a Montreal shopping mall, Big showed him photos of his common-law partner and her two daughters. "He says as long as you do as you’re told, the girls will be good, ” Arnold told the court. Arnold says he stayed quiet out of fear for his family." That's the second dynamic.

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that the 50 kilos of cocaine that was seized in the drug bust was allegedly destined for the Hells Angels. Big surprise. That's the third dynamic. In 2018 the Montreal Gazette reported that three full patch Hells Angels and one Repentigny police officer named Carl Ranger all plead guilty to trafficking cocaine and crystal meth.

Not only did they kidnap an elderly couple in their 70's because their grandson got busted with their drugs, but they also threatened the kidnapper's wife and daughters. This breaks all the rules of engagement and every code of conduct in the book. The Quebec Hells Angels are notorious but this low life activity is inexcusable and Mommy Dearest is dead. We can't blame this on him.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Gumby filed a million appeals before his sentencing January 23rd. He even has a Quebec lawyer working for him. Well he speaks with a French accent so he does.


  1. the kidnapper getting extradited to the US as well? After all, his crime actually happened in the US........

    1. That's a good point. Instead of extraditing Marc Emery or the guy from Romania, they should definitely extradite the kidnapper and the people that extorted him because their crime was in the US.

  2. This is all just business as usual, and anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you, or are misinformed, themselves. This is just what criminals do.

    Psychopaths don't care any more about humans than you do about fallen leaves. They step on them, without a thought, to get where they're going.

  3. In bussiness we call lost goods spillage. We also have company lawyers on retainer. Sounds like a a simple case of bad bussiness.


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