Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Saskatoon dentist, twin brother charged with drug trafficking and money laundering

Update: The Saskatoon Police is reporting that they seized 20 kilos of crystal meth.

IG News is rpeorting that "A Saskatoon dentist and his twin brother have been charged with drug trafficking, money laundering and running a criminal organization following a police investigation that began in October 2021. Jason Lee, 33, works out of a dental practice in River Landing. Lee, also known as Jae Sung Lee, appeared in Saskatoon provincial court on January 6, where he was charged with cocaine and methamphetamine trafficking, conspiracy to traffic, possession of proceeds of crime and operating a criminal organisation."

No offense but this is a bit fishy. I am not a fan of seizing the proceeds of crime legislation. It's a fine line and a slippery slope. They seized the guys house. He's a dentist. He had a means of affording that house. Here in BC you get kids without a job driving around in luxury vehicles. No real job and tons of cash. That's a red flag. This is a list of items seized in this investigation:

"About $79,000 cash. A Mercedes-Benz CLA250. An Acura ILX. A Nissan Rogue. jewelry. financial documents. Goods consistent with drug trafficking." How many kilos of drugs?

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix is reporting that "The seized property included a house with an estimated value of $700,000, located in the 500 block of Hamm Crescent. An Information Services Corporation title search shows the house where Jae Sung Lee lived is owned by a Jason Lee. ISC records show the house at 514 Hamm Crescent is also owned by a Jason Lee." OK so they seized one of two properties owned by the same person.

"A StarPhoenix report published in 2014 said Jaeho Lee was sentenced to five years in prison, less time served, after he pleaded guilty to cocaine trafficking, and that he was a known mid-level cocaine trafficker." It also states that "File information speaks to a major gambling problem."

Evidently he's from BC. The Star Phoenix is also reporting that "No one named Jae Sung or Jason Lee appears in any searches of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan’s online directory which has listings of dentists in good standing." That's suspicious.


  1. There were 4 homes seized - Hamm Crescent, 10 Street East, 2 x Kristjanson Road. On Sunday, Jason’s pic was displayed on the dental clinic website. Monday afternoon it was gone. Also interesting is the fact that Jenny Tran - owner of the clinic, is sister to Jessica Tran who was also arrested . Apparently she is in a relationship with Jason. I saw mention these two moved to Saskatoon as young children. Jay has served time for drug trafficking in the past.

    1. Four homes? Thanks. Any drugs seized?

    2. No mention whatsoever of drugs sieved.


    4. Ah there it is. 20 kilos of crystal meth.

    5. The bust on the 9th was three different people. I heard it’s not related to the dentist and company but who knows.


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