Friday, January 13, 2023

Covid Care Alliance Testimonials - Update

The Covid Care Alliance has posted a few testimonials on their Rumble channel. Italian Court Rules COVID Vaccine Mandate Unconstitutional, Cites Fatal Side Effects

NBC: Younger, healthy people don't need another Covid booster, vaccine expert says

Colorado College tennis player Jack Madison, 20, has died

Rising MMA star Victoria Lee dies at 18

Update: Federal program to compensate B.C. man for COVID-19 vaccine-related paralysis

The pharmaceutical companies should be paying this not tax payers. Simply remove the pharmaceutical companies exception from legal liability. That's what we need to do. That exemption should never have been put in place. Everyone needs to be accountable. Everyone.

Finally CDC Is Investigating Link Between PFIZER Booster And Strokes

Cardiologist unexpectedly warns about Covid vaccines during BBC interview


  1. Never in the history of the world have we seen young A level athletes and young children die in the numbers we are seeing.
    Strokes and heart attacks in the above mentioned groups were extremely rare.
    Yet, here we are and most dare not even think the bio jabs had anything to do with this.
    Cognitive dissonance is truly a terrible flaw in many people.
    To those people we should all demand they wake the fck up!

  2. Did you see CNN Dr Leana Wen’s column about misrepresented hospital deaths? I believe it was published in the Washington post (sketchy, I know) this weekend. I saw it on NY Post. She reported that 70-90% of hospital deaths classified as COVID deaths in USA were actually caused by some other condition. Also people admitted to hospital were forced to take PCR tests. So someone in the hospital with gunshot wounds and a positive PCR test was classified as a COVID hospitalization. Not surprising, most of us suspected that all along but definitely surprised to see such assertions made by post media!

    1. None of that is new information but it's interesting the Washington Post actually ran it. CNN and the Washington Post are the least reliable media outlets on the planet. Just goes to show you that no lie can live forever.

  3. Are they trying to save some credibility or this is the next step in the psy-op. Idk


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