Saturday, January 7, 2023

Joe Rogan on Jordan Peterson Censorship


  1. He lost me on his beliefs of a plane crashing into Pentagon

    1. I don't agree with everything anyone has to say. I'm just saying they have a right to say it. Firing anyone for expressing their opinion is unCanadian:

  2. The present Chinada we live in is unCanadian.

    This country really needs to grow a set of balls again.

    We are pathetic.

    We allow a corrupt effeminate POS who received less than 33% of a dismal voting turnout to implement his completely radical agenda and further destroy this once proud nation.

    drip...drip...drip...right into communism.

    But hey as long as we have Tim Hortons and hockey who gives a shit.

  3. All of this is bs. People better wake up to how much govt takes and we get poorer never richer


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