Saturday, January 7, 2023

Police on Guard Support Gear

Police on Guard have added a merchandise section to their website where people can buy support gear. Police on Guard is a pivotal organization that I support. I support the Canadian Charter of Rights and so do they. They swore an oath to defend that charter and they believe in upholding that oath. Keeping that oath is a good thing. Breaking that oath is not.

We had a spook on here that was trying to paint all police and all Hells Angels with the same brush. He claimed all Hells Angels are criminals. We should kill them all. That's pretty extreme and bizarre. He used that argument to support extreme measures to address their criminal activity. We don't need extreme measures to address organized crime nor do we need to give up civil liberty. We already have laws in place. We simply need to enforce them.

Communism and the CIA both use the problem, reaction, solution paradigm to manipulate the people and remove civil liberty. They create manufactured emergencies to justify taking extreme measures to respond to the emergency they created. Not all Hells Angels are criminals. We need to address criminal activity not the freedom of association.

In the same breath the same spook consistently tried to defame all police and paint them all with the same brush. Not all Hells Angels are criminals and not all police officers are corrupt. Many Hells Angels are criminals and many police officers are corrupt but not all are. There is good and bad in every organization. IHIT is the prime example.

IHIT totally blundered the Surrey Six investigation. They were getting pissed drunk and having threesomes with witnesses. It wasn't one cop and one witness. It was a climate of unprofessionalism that permeated the force. As a result, the RCMP had three separate sexual harassment class action lawsuits all of which had merit so they settled to get gag orders in place.

Police on Guard rose up at a time when our Charter of Rights were being unjustifiably violated and law enforcement were forced with a choice to defend their oath to the charter or their oath to partisan politics. Police on Guard took the higher road and chose to defend the Charter. I applaud their nobility and support them completely.

Many police officers and former officers joined the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa including the legendary Daniel Bulford who I completely respect. The CIA and their dirty a*s spooks, want to divide us and deny the good cops who supported the protest. Thy subtly and deviously want to turn the public against the police and law enforcement because they have an agenda that does not promote individual or collective freedom. They don't want to stop Mao they want to be Mao. China Uncensored is completely compromised and has been totally hijacked by the CIA to support their perpetual disinformation campaign in support of Covid misinformation.

Several years ago a band called Fun, also from NYC, put out a moving song about the American civil war called Some Nights. It was about a young soldier confused about the conflict that surrounded him and said I don't know what I stand for. Well wait 'till I tell ye, that ain't me. I am not confused. I know exactly what I stand for. I have no doubt.

The preamble to the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance says it all. We all know what good and evil is. We all know. Yet as I stated the theme for this blog in 2023 is "The Struggle between good and evil continues because it's always misrepresented." The truth is always hidden with lies. We need to sift through the lies to discern the truth and defend it accordingly. That's why I am here. To fact check the fake fact checkers and boldly declare the truth.


  1. Your point about the Police is well taken, yet did we see any of the good ones refusing to do what they knew was wrong against the truckers? Telling the others to lay off it? Not that I recall. Much as we need the police (and we do) the 90% good ones really kind of suck at "policing" the 10% who are corrupt. Always closing the barn door after the horse is loose, reactive not proactive. There is not a sufficient level of appetite to clean their own house and keep it that way. Often such action is taken only when it can't be avoided. And even then there is little appetite to wash dirty laundry in a publicly accountable fashion, when in fact that is exactly what should be happening, and is owed to the public. But, "Member-ship" has it's privileges.

    For both groups, as you said yourself, "We are known by the company we keep". For the HA perhaps the numbers are reversed, 10% - 90%. People who don't want to actively associate with serious criminals don't join the HA. The ones you say aren't criminals still "Support" (that's a joke there....) the ones who do. "Their brothers".

    Yes, it's clear what you stand for. You stand for trying to have it both ways."Fence sitting". Mind those fence posts....

    1. Ah Phaedrus, not at all. I am a fence shaker. I shake people off the fence. I'm simply not an extremist. I believe in balancing the extremes. Reactive policing is what they do. I also support walking the beat which promotes crime prevention, However, there is a time and place for all things. When someone is shooting at you, who are you going to call? The police risk their lives to save others. We all know where the road to defunding the police leads and I reject it. I support law and order. I oppose private mercenaries.


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