Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jim Brown finally leaves the RCMP - Oh Happy Day

CBC is reporting that "A B.C. Mountie has left the force a few days ahead of a disciplinary hearing focused on allegations of photos of the officer that were posted on a social networking site for sexual fetishists." This involves the offensive clown Jim Brown. "The disciplinary hearing on May 2, about four years after the investigation began, was to hear evidence related to five allegations of disgraceful or disorderly conduct and had been rescheduled several times."

This is the guy that posted bondage pictures of himself wearing nothing but his RCMP boots and a knife posing with a model on a BDSM website looking for willing partners. I'll tell you how offensive this scam is. The RCMP had already investigated him and found nothing illegal so they did nothing about it. Until a whistleblower went to the media. Then all of a sudden they cared.

Jim Brown launched a counter attack and sued the whistleblower for defamation. In his application he lied. He said the whistleblower had to create a profile on the BDSM website to view the pictures and that the pictures he posted were private. That was a lie. I saw them myself. The profile was public. There was even a stalker alert on it.

Jim Brown also sued the lawyer in the Missing Women's Inquiry for defamation. Turns out in the Inquiry people claimed they saw a picture of Jim Brown and Dave Pickton in a threesome. Right after that allegation was made, the Coquitlam RCMP got an illegal search warrant and seized all the whistleblowers hard drives and wiped them clean before returning them. They destroyed evidence the whistleblower needed to defend himself in the civl action. I kid you not.

What really happened was that Jim Brown simply stalled off the disciplinary hearing until he was ready to retire. CKNW reported that he claimed he is a 27-year veteran of the RCMP. He gets a full pension after 25 years That means he milked an extra two years of paid holidays by stalling off the hearing The RMP once again did nothing but aid and abet him.

The only thing shocking about the case is that he didn't get a transfer to Regional Office with Don Ray or get a promotion with Bill Fordy. That is the exact type of person Craig Callen promotes. Birds of a feather all get promoted together. (and go on "fishing" trips together) Meet the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callen.

Jim Brown may have left the RCMP but this story isn't over yet. The Missing Women's Inquiry was *suposed* to hear evidence that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace. That evidence still needs to be addressed. It's part of the Dianne Rock story.

CKNW posted a picture from some of his motorcycle rides traveling on paid holiday. Dave Pickton missed Willie's trial because he was on a ride to Sturgis. Hmmm...


  1. The rcmp are a puppet club out of control :)

  2. "We're the police, we can do what we want." -unofficial VPD motto

    Yeah, I know, Brown is not VPD. Same mentality throughout Canadian policing. This sickness of "the law for thee but not for me" and entitled "membership" has been allowed to grow and fester over time, and now the culture of policing in Canada is completely infected with it. What am I saying, "now"'s been that way for decades.

    The only way to solve this problem is monitoring by civilians outside the structure of policing, with complete access to all police files, communications, etc.. No one who has ever been a police officer should be allowed to do this work. Of course it goes without saying that the police would absolutely despise such oversight. Cramps their style don't you know.

    It needs to be very easy to be fired from a job as a police officer. That's the only way. Four years of stonewalling is a joke, but it's pretty much SOP, the cops use the same techniques criminals do when charged with an offense. Also, having ever resigned while under investigation needs to result in revocation of all police training certification to preclude any future employment anywhere in Canada as a police officer ever again.

    Don't be surprised to see ol' Jimmy get a job with VPD, West Van, the Transit Authority, etc.. He already has the training that would cost them money of they sent a new hire to the academy, and if he hangs in there someday he can have not just one but two pensions to live comfortably on after decades of being a POS disguised as a police officer.

  3. I can see why you would think so.....folks often assume that since I am pro-gun and have some political views that are slightly to the right of Genghis Khan that I would automatically be pro LEO. And they would be right except for one thing.

    I hate douche bags. Wearing a badge doesn't get you a pass on that. There's a lot of people on the job who shouldn't be, for a litany of reasons, many (if not most)of which I have previously addressed on this blog.

    You know who you guys are lucky I don't have more time on my hands, I think a webpage or a book with all the cops who been fired, arrested, investigated etc. would be a worthy endeavor, if only to dispel the last vestiges of the idea that most cops are anyone more trustworthy or honorable than anyone else. I think it's pretty apparent that most, if tested, would be found wanting, and the iceberg principle always applies.

  4. ah, trail runner, when I wrote, "that's funny" I was referring to the first comment, not yours.

    of course cops think they are a world and law unto themselves. Just look at the stats regarding spousal abuse amongst police officers.

    there needs to be over sight. complaints need to be investigated by non police officers. Part of the problem also is management. What many police officers are "charged" with, in other occupations they would be fired for, when it comes to on the job activity, even off the job activity. Management within police forces never do the job they ought to do. Perhaps it is because they came up through the ranks and also are police officers. But really most of these problems stem from management not managing their employees.

    All sorts of workers have been fired for doing inappropriate things or doing things which were not consistent with their employers image or the duties they preformed. this cop posted a picture of himself and was suspended for 4 years. If that had been a teacher, they would have been gone and a lot faster than 4 years.

    there needs to be some game rules around activity which isn't appropriate and management and the worker need to be held to those time lines. The only exception is if the worker is sick, off on sick leave. But this guy wasn't. he could have been long gone, but I would not be surprised if management within the RCMP ensured the case did not move forward until he could "retire" and collect his pension. If another police dep.t were to hire him, the management at that dept. needs to be fired for incompetence.

    Cops must be a a law unto themselves. We recently had a case in the news where 2 people were shot and killed by RCMP officers. One was a 77 yr old woman who was too frail to continue attending church. How that can be some one who is a threat to a cop is beyond me.

    today's news has the Hamilton cops "carding" a member of the city council. He was black, well dressed and on his cell phone. Upp, black while waiting for a bus.

    Cops have a very difficult job but we as citizens are starting to have a very difficult life because of the actions of cops. seeing as we are paying their wages, its our lives which ought not to be made difficult by them. Perhaps some signs which advise cops: those people are your employers, they pay your salaries.

  5. I find Pickton's excuse for not attending to be rather suspicious, in the least. Sturgis' rally is not until the SECOND WEEK of AUGUST - two months later from the dates given him.

    Anyone who knows Sturgis, SD knows there are very few people who actually live there and nothing of note goes on there outside the rally.

    As for that picture of Jim Brown - he is wearing a 'Sgt at Arms' patch below the word or acronym "AGIRA".

    A wee bit of searching and one finds the "AGIRA" "unit" of a veterans MC is in Surrey ( Looks like Jim Brown might live right by our venerable blogist.

  6. Another cop who wants to imitate criminals. I'm shocked.


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