Saturday, April 16, 2016

CSIS Application Abandoned

The Vancouver Province is reporting that lawyers in the Surrey Pressure Cooker Entrapment case have abandoned an application they filed seeking further disclosure of documents from CSIS.

As we recall, the entrapment case was suspended indefinitely after CSIS refused to discuss their involvement in the plot. So now the entrapment application can proceed since CSIS is refusing to comply with court orders again. There was no need for further evidence to prove entrapment. There has never been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth. There was no means or motive to commit the bogus crime without police agents or more accurately CSIS's help. However, refusal to provide crucial documents is in itself grounds for the case to be thrown out and the targets released.They weren't suspects in a plot, they were targets in a scam.

Right now CSIS has zero public accountability over how it burns tax dollars at an irresponsible rate in the wrong direction. They are wasting massive amounts of tax dollars trying to bribe and in this case threaten and extort drug addicts into committing acts of terrorism. Clearly CSIS is on the wrong side. They are the ones that provided the explosives for the Air India attack and still haven't been charged in that heinous murder.

In January the legal opinion the police were given while targeting the vulnerable couple in this entrapment case was finally released. All Star Crown prosecutor Martha Devlin who has since been appointed to the bench advised the police that they should stop paying the drug addicts money to coerce them into proceeding with the fake plot. What happens when you give drug addicts money then stop giving them money? What do you think the drug addicts bought with that money you gave them? The "police" agents stopped giving the drug addicts money but continued to threaten and extort them by saying you have to come up with a plot. Mr. Big has spent a lot of money on you. He won't be happy with your lack of progress.

John and Amanda were never radicalized. They were conned. They were befriended by a CSIS agent who gave them food. In gratitude they started attending his Mosque. Then the CSIS agent started having them deliver envelopes for him and paid them cash for doing so. After building a relationship of trust with them they finally realized this was not a nice religious person helping them out of the goodness of his heart.

After giving them food and money he told them he represented a terrorist organization and his employer, Mr. Big, the one donating all the money wants to commit a terrorist attack in Canada. They were extorted with threats of violence to them and their family if they did not help him. That is why John's elderly grandmother moved out of the basement suite right before the arrest. They thought a crazed terrorist was going to kill them if they didn't help them. That was the only motive they had. They were never radicalized. In the crown's own evidence John said the thought of killing civilians made him sick. CSIS makes me sick. They are the real terrorists.


  1. The whole thing was a waste of taxpayer's money.

    it is interesting that ISIS in Europe has recruited people they knew had a violent criminal history, to turn them into terrorists, in Canada CISIS "recruits" people with mental health issues to turn them into criminals.

  2. And CSIS supports ISIS...


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