Wednesday, April 13, 2016

City of Surrey kicks the cat

The Vancouver Province is reporting that the City of Surrey has banned amunition and hand guns at this weekend’s B.C. Rod and Gun Show at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds. Which means that Dennis Robinson of the Thunderbird Fast Draw Club isn't allowed to demonstrate his quick draw sport even though he uses wax bullets. That is insane.

This guy does not look like a gang member. Gang members don't use wax bullets. Here we have a municipal government overriding federal law regarding firearms. Gang members don't use registered firearms to shoot other gang members. They use throw aways which are readily available on the black market. Disarming law biding citizens while they enable gang members is a crime in itself. Ammunition is readily available at any gun store. You need to produce your PAL to purchase ammunition.

Shawn Storey from Surrey wrote into the Vancouver Province and asked "A rod-and-gun show with no live ammunition? What’s next? A hockey team that can’t use sticks?"

Steve Gunson from Abbotsford said "Wow, talk about targeting the wrong people. A person cannot even possess a firearm or purchase ammunition without a federal firearm license. Otherwise, it is a criminal offence. This ban is nothing but a smoke-and-mirrors parlour trick. Surrey council is trying to give the appearance of doing something about the illegal drug trade and gangs shootings. Politicians are fooling and failing the public yet again."

The real problem is Bill Fordy and Linda Hepner.

Stepping into the Twilight Zone Gary Tupper from New Westminster wrote into the paper claiming the government should suspend the Charter of Rights and send in the army to police Surrey. That is insane. Has he never crossed the bridge and visited Surrey? We live here. The Vancouver Gang War peaking in 2009 when the Bacon brothers and the Un were shooting each other after the surrey Six. Overall things and calmed down considerably. Now it's just a handful of residual yahoos fighting over the table scraps. We don't suspend civl liberty for ANY reason. Period. We need to arrest the crack dealers that sell crack in public. Failing to do that is sheer irresponsibility.

Giving the police 24 access to traffic cams is a bit Bourne Supremacy but given the circumstances it is a step in the right direction to help identify suspects in drive by shootings. Arrest the criminals not the law abiding citizens. It's better the police has access to the traffic cams than CSIS.


  1. The fish rots from the head. Clown shoes for everyone......

  2. Please tell me you're talking to me....

  3. Ah, I see. Right you are then, carry on....

    1. Indeed, business as usual. The guy is like a little kid on the school yard who says you're a fag. You like little boys. In fact I'm going to write you like little boys three thousand times on the Internet and someone out there is going to believe it and beat me up. Repeating a lie over and over again doesn't make it true.

      Great idea. Now he can tell that to the judge when the police find him and charge him with breach of probation. He just plead guilty to malicious intent. Thankfully in a court of law, one truth over rules three thousand lies. He's the one in hiding not me.

  4. The City of Surrey suspended.......and now some senior citizen can't do a "fast draw demonstration". Now we really know what is the problem in Surrey. The mayor, council and RCMP just can't think straight. What were they doing? Having an early afternoon drinking session or something. This is almost like a comedy. That is their solution? the group is as out of touch as the Premier is with her $23 million hand out.

    The gang problem started a long time ago. the issues have not been dealt with because it requires real work and real money. The governments have not been interested but the provincial election is coming up. Her photo opness wants to be looking like she is doing something. Nothing will change.

    Vancouver had this problem years ago and those involved were better shots. they killed the Dosanjan brother, Bindy Johal, etc. They didn't suspend anything. it just finally ended. One of the major players was so shot up he was permanently confined to hospital and he "confessed" to a number of killings prior to his death.

    Send in the military???? that is actually funny. its not like a lot of people have been killed, they are simply shooting. yes, thank heavens they are lousy shots.

  5. I used to live for many years in one of the larger US cities known for very high crime, very high gang activity, and during the last few years I was there, a very high murder rate. They beak about it these days with 500-600 a year but back then it was 800-900, with a clearance rate of well under 50%. I got to Vancouver and people were talking about the high crime rate. Trying to gauge what they night mean by this I asked how many murders there had been the previous year and nearly choked on my own tongue laughing when everyone thought it had been on the order of 20-30 or so. I told them they didn't have a crime problem, if they thought so they were mistaken.

    There was a saying...."Someone's going to get shot today, let's make sure it's the right someone."

    And by and large it is, then as now, there or in Vancouver. The one time you can really have any confidence whatsoever in what the police say up there is when they talk about the latest scumbag(s) to assume ambient temperature from chronic lead poisoning or whatever and finish their brief with, "We don't believe the public is at risk." The people getting zapped can mostly be shown to be guilty of oxygen theft as well as numerous other offenses against God and man.

  6. perhaps by American standards, the Canadian crime rate was low, but to us, it was high. We aren't Americans and we don't have the guns they do, hence the lower murder rate.

    No one deserves to die, regardless of whether they are "guilty of oxygen theft" or not.

    I'm glad we think 20 murders a year is a crisis, because it is. killing just breeds more killing. its better to stop it before it gets going.

    The Surrey RCMP nor the politicians have dealt with the issues and won't. It requires time, money, commitment.

    As to the "public not being at risk", yes, it is. Some times the "wrong" person gets shoot. It is also very "unsettling" for those who live in the area, not to mention it lowers property values.

    1. "We aren't Americans and we don't have the guns they do, hence the lower murder rate." Oh you just had to go there : )

      I think Trailrunner was referring to a different country but I'm sure he'll speak on that. I realize shootings are a concern but bystanders haven't been hit in any of these skirmishes and the gang war is a lot less violent now than it was back in 2009 so bringing in the army and throwing away the Charter of Rights would be absurd. I also thought that person was joking at first.

    2. Sorry to sound overly critical, but when it comes to, "No one deserves to die, regardless of whether they are "guilty of oxygen theft" or not" I think you need to step back and think about Noah as well as Sodom and Gomorra.

      If one still says, "no one deserves to die" in light of those events (and they are historical) then one is saying they know better than God.

      We know where that got Satan and the original Hell(')s Angels ...

    3. To quote William Munney, "Deserve's got nothing to do with it." Every living thing on the planet "deserves" to die, it's part of God's plan. Some are a waste of skin and everyone is better off if they move on to the next plane of existence (or not) sooner rather than later. Those who needlessly inflict misery on others for their own base reasons need to be helped along.

    4. TR: Well aren't you Miss Mary Sunshine...

  7. Sure and you're right Boyo.... ;-D


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