Monday, April 4, 2016

Surrey's 31st shooting of the year - Make that 32

The Now Newspaper is reporting that "A man was sent to hospital after a car was shot up near Bear Creek Park Monday afternoon as Surrey's relentless shooting spree continues. Surrey has recorded 31 shootings this year so far. This is the third shooting in just three days. Police were on scene at 86A Avenue and 140th Street at about 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon after reports of shots being fired. A black BMW at the scene had its window shot out."

Update: BC Local News is reporting that "Surrey RCMP responded to another shooting Tuesday night, the fourth in four days. At 11:10 p.m. April 5, Surrey Mounties attended a call for shots fired in the 7700-block of 155 Street. When they arrived, the found a man injured. He was taken to hospital where he remains in stable condition. Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner said she is furious, but believes the police investigation will shut down the violence in the next few weeks." Yeah right tell her to get off the crack pipe. They gave that dancing naked monkey a promotion so he isn't even around any more to pretend he is doing anything.

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a maintenance worker found a bullet hole in the window of the Guildford RCMP police station and that the police have no idea when it got there.


  1. and yet nothing is done by the council, mayor, RCMP, provincial government. Guess they must think its all o.k. The silence is deafening. of course we don't need the queen of the photo ops flapping her gums or her botox side kick from surrey, because its just so much hot air.

    Telling people to "turn in" their friends and families is not going to fix the problem. it is simply a method of deflection from the real problem. the RCMP in surrey are not doing their job. they have almost an extra 100 officers and the shootings have increased. so what gives? Not all of these officers are dummies, so we could reasonably conclude the problem lies with the management of the RCMP DETACHMENT.

    time for them all to be replaced. of course that would require Poulson, they Mayor and premier to do something and that isn't going to happen any time soon.

    if you don't like the shootings in Surrey, remember it next time you go to vote.

  2. No idea how it got there, huh? LOL......

    We've hit a new low here, people are now shooting up police stations. I think a case can be made that the police don't inspire a lot of fear in the criminal element. Quit hiring sociology majors and ex-school teachers in their 40's and such, start hiring combat arms veterans and let them put their skill set to work....

  3. Still won't work. If the police hired those you suggested all we would have is a lot of law suits resulting in large awards in court.

    Surrey has a big problem because council isn't dealing with the matter. they grew quickly with a lot of young people and no social infrastructure. As the b.c. lieberals cut back on funding for education it became more difficult to deal with young "problem' kids with in the school system and if you don't deal with it when they're young, when they're older, the problem is still there.

    Until we have a provincial and civic government which cares about kids, this problem will continue to grow. when one in five children grow up living under the poverty line, you are bound to have more than a few problems and B.C. has had the highest number of children living under the poverty line for 14 of the past 15 years.

    We know from the Americans, who do hire a lot of ex service people for the police it hasn't solved the problem What you are hiring are people who may well be suffering from PTSD. Now that's a receipe for disaster.

  4. Where do you come up with this drivel? Again you prove that you simply don't know WTF you're talking about. You obviously have no familiarity or experience whatsoever with this issue and yet you seem to think that the fact that your body processes oxygen that could better be used by children and puppy dogs qualifies you to have an opinion. PTSD, cops who are veterans cause law suits, is there any bottom to the well of your firmly held ignorance?

    Who is more likely to be well disciplined, someone who has been in the military, or a civilian who never has? Who has more experience actually following orders, as opposed to doing it their way, especially when they're not closely supervised? Apparently you mistake every lie-beral stereotype of people who have been in the military (where the concept of an unlawful order and lack of any duty to follow such is a concept made familiar since day one) for reality.

    It's not my blog but here's some advice. Read more, post less. People like you who hold opinions based in utter ignorance presented as wisdom are a major if not the overwhelming reason society is in the toilet these days.


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