Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Snoop Dog speaks out on Vancouver's Harm Promotion

The Vancouver Province is reporting that Snoop Dog came to Vancouver and saw for himself what a complete failure our Harm Promotion project is in the DTES. He posted a video on Instagram about it and told Vancouver to clean this sh*t up. He says he can't believe they got an alley where they pass out free needles for people to do heroin with. Welcome to our insanity soulja. Spread the word. Harm Promotion is f*cked up.


  1. You're definition of insanity soulja. Quit saying soulja it's not cool or hip.....in fact no one says it lol except you but you're a nobody

    1. You are such an idiot. Every word that comes out of your mouth is stupid and you can't even see it. No one cares what expressions I use. Except for you. Your obsession over what I have to say is freaking creepy.

      Years ago everyone wanted to be a gangster so we would say What's up G? Times have changed. Nobody wants to be a gangster any more. Gangsters are not noble. Soldiers are. Now everyone wants to be a soldier. People from London or New York don't follow trends they make them.

      You on the other hand are the epitome of a loser. Everyone else grew up except for you. Anyone who is in the game or ever was in the game thinks you are an idiot. They say you are a lost cause. You have no respect in the criminal world and certainly none in the real world.

      Throwing rocks through your old girlfriend's windows. It doesn't get any lamer than that. I sure hope that wasn't your baby's mama. Good luck on your crystal meth charges May 2nd. What a nice Mother's Day present. I'm sure she's real proud. A convicted woman beater who sells crystal meth and has absolutely no respect for anyone, not even himself.

      Donahugh Fredrick McWhirter, still representing the finger and the thumb after all these years. The little boy who never grew up. Now that is pathetic. Have at it loser:


  2. Replies
    1. But you just said soulja. Careful, pretty soon you'll be wearing a hijab Kayla or should I say Lola.


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