Friday, April 1, 2016

Surrey Drug Bust - Update

CBC is reporting that "30-year-old Abbotsford resident Pardip Hayer has been charged with four counts of trafficking in a substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act." Police claim he was found transporting an estimated $4.5 million in cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine but no amounts were cited. I hope this kid isn't related to Dave.

1130 News is reporting that A man is in hospital in serious condition after shots were fired in #SurreyBC Saturday night. The Vancouver Province tweeted that the shooting was in 12200-block of 92 Ave.

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  1. Sunday evenings news reported there had been 29 incidents of "shots fired" in surrey so far this year. Some thought the RCMP might want to step up their game. personally I'm not waiting for that to happen.

    Of course if anyone in surrey's name appeared in the "panama papers' that would make for an interesting read.

    Who ever is heading the RCMP in Surrey still isn't going to do much of a job and the Mayor is most likely getting more work done to her face. Not until 10 middle class citizens are killed per month with the RCMP and political class of Surrey do anything about the shootings and crime. it doesn't effect them. The shootings will continue. Nothing will be done. Its hard to find a place to live. Vancouver, Bby, Richmond are too expensive and surrey has too many shootings. Still the property prices go up.


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