Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Montreal mob violence reignites

The National Post is reporting that "After a brief lull, blood is being spilled in Montreal’s underworld. A homicide and an attempted murder in recent weeks are raising questions about the turmoil in the Montreal Mafia."

"The Hells (Angels) are restructuring and coming back as strong as they were before the fiasco of Operation SharQc... The Hells rely on small clubs in Montreal and even in the Outaouais region. These little clubs are charged with setting up networks of drug sales and trafficking. They do it under the benediction of the Hells."

"Nino De Bartolomeis was shot March 28. On March 21st A 42-year-old man is shot dead in a parking lot in Terrebonne, north of Montreal. Reports say his name was Yannick Larose had ties to the Hells Angels. March 1st Lorenzo Giordano, 52, a leading member of the Montreal Mafia who may have been in line to leader the organization, is shot dead while sitting in a car in a Laval parking lot."

"Nov. 19, 2015: In a major operation, police arrest the alleged heads of Montreal’s most powerful criminal organizations and declare the Mafia, the Hells Angels and street gangs were working together. Among the 48 people arrested are Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito, described as the heads of the Montreal Mafia. Others charged included: Maurice (Mom) Boucher, the former Hells Angels leader currently serving a life sentence; Salvatore Cazzetta, alleged leader of the Hells Angels; and street-gang leaders Dany Cadet Sprinces and Grégory Woolley."

As we know, Maurice (Mom) Boucher was originally a petty thief and became a member of the Hells Angels after he got out of prison for armed rape. He, along with his associate Biff Hammel, benefited from the Lennoxville Massacre. They both got their patch after the Death Riders betrayal and take over.

Maurice (Mom) Boucher and Salvatore Cazzetta formed a motorcycle club called the SS named after Hitler's troops in Germany. After the Lennoxville Massacre, Bocher seized the opportunity and joined the Hells Angels. Salvatore refused because he thought the Hells Angels killing their own as an act of betrayal and formed the Rock Machine. during the years of war between the Has and the RM, Boucher and Salvatore remained friends. It was even rumored that Boucher had Salvatore murder some of his political rivals within the Hells Angels. As crazy as that may seem, when Boucher finally went to prison Salvatore and the rest of the founding RM members crossed over and joined the HAs. Salvatore became president of the Montreal chapter.

Greg Wooley was of course an associate of Mom Boucher. They made Greg a member of the Rockers (Not Rock Machine) which another puppet club that sold drugs for the Hells Angels. Greg in turned formed the Syndicate and helped the Hells supply all the Crips in Montreal with drugs. Greg tried to untied the Crips and the Bloods in Montreal and have them all sell drugs for the Hells Angels. When Chenier Dupuy, leader of a north Montreal street gang called Beau-Gars said no, he was shot dead August 2012.


  1. they do appear to be better shots than those "gangsters" in Surrey. must be more serious.

    1. Indeed. Montreal is the real deal.

    2. what is the reason that the mob/hells angels and organized crime are so prevelant and alive in montreal? how come montreal more than other big cities like ottawa/toronto/etc ???

    3. Several reasons. The most given will be the one of the HA being so entrenched there as that was the first Canadian charter as the Popeyes became HA.

      However, that does not explain the why.

      "Why" questions are always the most important.

      The real reason relates directly to why Mexico and other central and South American countries are also so prevalent in crime.

      Simply put there is a vacuum but not in power (as most define it) but in a vacuum left from the near disappearance of values. Theological values, to be precise.

      Today's secular world wants to deny it (for it is proof secularism is a lie) but the evidence is indeniable.

      When one traces to when the changes took place we find the theological change at the time of the social/moral change.

      Any scientist knows when one change begins and another takes place they are connected and causal.

    4. Yes the Hells Angels and the Italian Mafia are both far more entrenched in Montreal. We have an Italian community in Vancouver but it's not as large. The Hells Angels in Montreal are a different breed. They blow sh*t up. In Vancouver it's more dirty backstabbing politicians. The French are less likely to pretend to be your friend before they stab you in the back. If the French don't like you they will tell you to your face. Not like here where they pretend to be your friend then rip you off when you're not looking.

  2. on the upside, was reviewing the list of Criminal organizations on the Panama papers (Wikipedia and some blogs) and there are only 3 people under criminal organizations and none are Canadian.

    of course we should not expect Canadian newspapers to print Canadians names, but we might see some interesting stuff on blogs and European newspapers.

  3. Montreal has always been a hotbed of criminal activity, back in the 1970's it was known as the bank robbery capital of North America. And we are talking organized crews, not some junkie with a demand scrawled on the back of his power bill. Early 70's there was an armored car robbery where they boxed the vehicle in with a panel van that had a .50 caliber machine gun in the back. Unfortunately when the RCMP recovered the vehicle their "expert" disassembled the gun and then reassembled it. When they tried to test it, it was found not to be functional because it had be reassembled incorrectly, so there was now no way to prove it had been functional at the time of the robbery.

    I don't remember which book it was, but Yves Lavigne mentions in one of them that the initial population of the town "benefited" from a boatload of serious criminals deported from France, and theorizes that all these folks descendants are a reason why the level of criminality in Quebec has always had a different flavor than elsewhere in Canada. One cannot help but note that if Wolf had required Montcalm and every other Frenchman in the New World to get on a boat and return to France after England's victory on the Plains of Abraham that a lot of future grief could have been avoided.

  4. although for big bank heists in Montreal they would come out to B.C. to give it a "trial run". Robbing banks was so prevlent, it was almost a 'respectable" occupation in Montreal. Ah those were the days.


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