Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anthony Terezakis

Update: Link to one of Tony's court cases

Big Tony is quite the character. He was a Hells Angels associate in East Vancouver who video taped himself beating drug addicts who owed money as he shouted Praise the Lord and spit in their face at the Cobalt and the American Hotel in East Vancouver.

One of his many co accused, Andrew Goosen, was sentenced to drug trafficking and assault. Goosen was represented by famous defense lawyer Matthew Nathanson who has represented Hells Angels in the past. Goosen, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of cocaine trafficking and one count of assault, the latter incident having been captured on a bizarre videotape produced by Terezakis.

"There is little, if any, evidence that Mr. Goosen took any steps in the drug trafficking without Mr. Terezakis' specific direction," concluded the judge. In May 2006, Terezakis was sentenced to 11 1/2 years in jail, reduced by five years for time already spent in custody, for his involvement in the case. He's out on statutory release.

After the criminal organization charges were dropped Big Tony agreed to plead guilty to operating a drug ring at the American Hotel in 2002. Also charged was Aviv Ciulla and Salvatore Ciancio from the 1995 cocaine seizures and mobile drug ring that extended into Kelowna and Winnipeg which involved the murder of a police informant. Praise the Lord.


  1. This man is uglier than home made sin. By chance, was he one of the mental patients that was turned loose into society when Riverview closed?

  2. Yeah I was wondering if they had a steroid that would make someone’s face not look quite so ugly. His behavior certainly would make one question how many cards he has left in his deck so to speak.

  3. You guys have no clue,the man has abused his body and mind.And I would imagine that at least a few of the people that he is accused of assaulting,fought back.I heard that he got shit kicked and had his jaw broken.Tony,when I knew him was totally hot more than a few of the women that surrounded him had crushes,I know that I did.Although he has hurt others he has a very soft side too.In court when the defense asked him if his attempts to help people ever worked he answered no...I can tell you that he did.Tony had helped me a lot and not only was he willing to do anything to help you he would also listen.I never had any bad times with Tony so much so that I would love to hear from him so that I could repay the kindness that he gave me...nobody is all bad even if we do bad things

  4. Clifford Olsen has a good side too. Tony filmed himself beating the tar out of addicts who owed him money. He was laughing in court watching the videos. The guy needs professional help.

  5. im sorry i have to comment he wutever in private i remember him a big teddy bear his heart so kinds more times than not andi was kid at that time people make choices in life for work look at the organized bullshit that do involve law inforcement and yadda yadda this is 1 man wut about the rest that r running around ive seen this with my own eyes crack dealers sit day in and day out on hastings selling never touched but its more imporrtant to go after the pot dealers and people who sell ciggarettes but crack and herion r ok right our system really have prioraties chosen

  6. He sold crack and heroin and filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money. He couldn't stop laughing in court when they played the videos. The man is sick. I don't mean to be offensive sister but to call him a big Teddy bear means you really need to get some professional help. Counselling to deal with his abusive nature and the denial that clouds it.

  7. you are all right, Tony had a soft spot for some girls but was also ruthless and borderline psychotic. Not that it makes it any better, but there are way worse still operating in the DTES

  8. Just read Tony passed. How did he die? Have to agree with others above that in our younger days Tony was always a nice guy. Maybe to the women mostly but he was loved before he became a savage.

    1. I don't know the cause of death. I heard he was executed. That's all I know.


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