Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roberto Ciancio and the Hells Angels

Wow. Roberto Salvatore Ciancio has got off charges of cocaine trafficking and murder again thanks to two hung juries and two brain dead judges. The hung juries are a rarity. So tell me, isn't a hung jury when they can't come to 100% agreement?

Does that mean if a criminal's associates were to find one jury member and threaten their family, would that trial result in a hung jury if that one person voted no? Wow, who is this guy affiliated with?

Ciancio and Aviv Ciulla were charged with unlawfully conspiring to traffic in cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking after police made two major drug busts in September 1995.

On Sept. 24, 1995, police stopped a van travelling east on Highway 1 near Abbotsford and seized 135 kg of unprocessed, high-grade cocaine. On Sept. 26, 1995, a police search of a home on East 5th Avenue resulted in the seizure of 170 kg of high-grade coke. The prosecutor claimed that the men's finger prints were found on the drugs. That trial resulted in a hung jury.

In 2004, Ciancio was charged with seven murders, all of them drug-related, but the charges were stayed in 2004. In 2005, the Crown renewed two of those charges — first-degree-murder counts involving the slaying of an RCMP informant and his wife.

The December 1995 murder of police informant Eugene Uyeyama, 35, and his wife, Michelle, 30, were linked to the September 1995 drug busts. The Uyeyamas were strangled in their Burnaby home and their bodies set on fire.

After a lengthy trial, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Void in November 2006 found Ciancio not guilty of murder on grounds the evidence against him was unreliable, vague, confusing and inconclusive.

In June 2007, Ciancio was acquitted by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Barry Brain Dead of conspiring to import 12 kilograms of cocaine into Canada. His co-accused, Allan Christopher Lees, was convicted.

Wow, who is this guy afilitated with? Well in 2003 A two-year police investigation - Project Ecru - aimed at cracking down on organized crime and motorcycle gangs in the Lower Mainland resulted in charges against 12 men, including an alleged Hells Angels associate, police said.

Anthony Terezakis, 43, the alleged Hells Angels associate, has been charged with instructing the commission of an offence for the benefit of a criminal organization - a drug ring - that allegedly used mobile laboratories to supply crack cocaine and heroin to a highly organized street-level distribution operation in the Downtown Eastside.

Well well well, Hells Angels charged with instructing drug dealers to supply crack cocaine and heroine in East Vancouver. Imagine that. Sure glad that publication ban has finally been lifted. So which drug dealers are pushing women out of windows anyways?


  1. simply put beat a murder beef and go on with it scum prey on the poor the goverment pays for it all in the long run maybe bernie madolph was right the whole worlds a pucking ponzie scam

  2. Madoff ripped off a lot of people. I’d hardly call that the purpose of life. Good and evil still exist and we are still free to choose between the two.


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