Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kamloops double murder

Ken Yaretz and Damien Marks bodies were discovered in a shallow grave on a rural property in Kamloops May 27, 2009. They were missing since April 17, 2009.

Ken had ties to the Independent Soldiers. According to BC Daily Buzz Yaretz served a nine month prison sentence for drug trafficking in 2007.

Ken was with Jayme Russell when he was pulled over the previous summer. Jayme Russell was believed to be the leader of the Independent Soldiers in Kamloops. He was arrested for drug trafficking and was denied parole after serving one year.

Yesterday the police announced they were looking for a suspect in Ken and Damien's murder, Roy Frederick Fraser. The suspect turned himself in this morning in Burnaby.

Despite the fact that Yaretz had a documented link to the Independent Soldiers, police say they don't think that had anything to do with the murder. Much. Fraser had been growing pot in two out-buildings on the property, police said.

Marks and Yaretz disappeared on April 17, 2009, while moving into a basement suite on Schreiner Street in Brocklehurst. Marks' father, Robert Marks, said at the time the two men were heading to Knouff Lake to collect Yaretz's belongings on the night they moved.

Roy Fraser owned a trailer on the property at 9005 Finlay Road. Two bunkers found on the property once contained marijuana grow-ops. Neighbours claimed they had been under the impression the property was owned by the Hells Angels and that it had been used in the past as a marijuana grow op.

We know the Independent Soldiers are tied to the Hells Angels now. East Vancouver Hells Angels support gear was found with firearms at a grow op in near by Kelowna. Please tell me how that is not related.


  1. It’s possible. I don’t think he was originally from Kamloops but I can’t find anything in print about where he was from originally. If you find out, let me know. I’m interested in his affiliations since neighbors claim the grow op on his property was owned by the Hells Angels.

  2. Roy grew up in Regina with his brother Randy and sister Rhonda and moved to Vancouver with his mom when he was young. He was involved in the drug trade but was a major drunk and most people avoided him. In 2002-03 he was picking up loads south of the border and was running them to HA contacts down the west coast all the way to California. On one of the trips he went missing for several days and then showed up saying he had gone on a bender or whatever. It later emerged that he had been picked up for impaired driving and the cops in the states had his electronic organizer that had records of $17 million in weed sales to HA contacts in the US over a six month period. After that everyone figured he was a rat and when he got paid in weed he couldn’t sell it at the coast so he drove out to Saskatchewan to try to convince his cousin, Dan Holinaty, in Regina and his sister Rhonda's ex-brother-in law, Alec McMillan, in Saskatoon. Holinaty was lucky and was away when Roy showed up but McMillian wasn’t so lucky. Roy showed up at his house with a bunch of weed and the cops in tow. They had been following Roy around for a week in Saskatoon where he had been waiting for McMillan to return from a truck driving trip. Fraser claimed the dope but they both ended up doing jail time. Holinaty later died of a heart attack and McMillan was murdered a few years later - over coke that he received in compensation for Fraser getting him busted.


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